Premier Deuil Fine Art Print

Premier Deuil Fine Art Print - 8.5in. x 11in. Archival Fine Art Paper by Bouguereau

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11"  (27.9 cm) x 8 1/2"  (21.5 cm) x 0"  More Art Renewal Center Gifts

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These top-quality Fine Art Prints are printed on 100 percent acid free cotton archival Fine Art Paper: fine art velvet or ulrasmooth, depending on paper size. Ultrachrome inks enhance the archival properties of the media ensuring a print life of many generations.

The prints are reproduced as accurately as possible based on the original paintings. The images are not distorted in any way to make them fit standard print sizes. The images are enlarged or reduced proportionally to fit as close to the standard size as possible. This means the images are not cropped and each print will have every detail of the original painting. Consequently most prints will have a white border which can be covered with matte board prior to framing.

All orders are custom printed and shipped flat in boxes for domestic orders. Our largest prints and International orders are shipped on rolls due to shipping size restrictions. 

A very important note: Each print is custom made to order and is therefore non-returnable. In the unlikely event that the print has a production defect, it will be replaced with the same size reproduction of the same exact piece of artwork. There are no exceptions to this policy.

About this beautiful image -

"The dead body of Abel lies across Adam's lap in the same manner as Christ is often depicted lying across Mary’s (such as in Michaelangelo’s Pieta). Adam clutches his heart out of grief fearing it will break and Eve kneels by his side crying uncontrollably, her face buried in her hands. The image is truly heart wrenching, causing the viewer to feel a great sense of compassion for the grieving couple. Bouguereau can capture the look of death with almost frightening directness. He was no stranger to death or to grief. He had five sons, four of whom died before him. First Mourning was painted directly after the death of his second son. This piece is well titled as The First Mourning because it is the first time a human has had to suffer the loss of a loved one. The grief is only magnified by the fact that their son did not just die, but was murdered by their other son Cain, making this also the first act of murder. Cain then fled, leaving Adam and Eve once again alone. Bougureau also cleverly used a play on words in titling this work, because not only are Adam and Eve mourning, but dawn approaches. It is the first 'morning' after the death of Abel. The painting has the same theme as the sculpture First Mourning by Barrias which is located at the Petits Palais in Paris. Bouguereau and Barrias lived and worked during the same period, and both these works were masterpieces that helped to define their creators."

-- by Kara Ross

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