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Through his recounting of a personal anecdote, Karl Keating demonstrates a simple apologetic argument to refute non-Catholic misunderstandings of Matthew 16:18.

Through his encounter with a non-Catholic, he began to develop a sense of confidence. He began to see that he could defend his faith if he engaged in a little homework.

The more homework, the better the defense.

He realized that any literate Catholic could do the same. Someone doesn't have to suspect his faith might be untrue when he can’t come up with an answer to a pointed question.

Once you develop a sense of confidence, you can say to yourself, "I may not know the answer to that, but I know I could find the answer if I hit the books. The answer is there, if only I spend the time to look for it."

Learn from Karl's example and let him show you how to find the answers on your own.

Need a bunch for your parish? Order in packs of 50 here.

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