Neuroses and Sacraments

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"How neurotics can live good Catholic lives, despite struggles and pain"

Fr. Alan Keenan was a well known Franciscan preacher in England in the mid-20th century. He was sometimes seen in Hyde Park, speaking for the Catholic Evidence Guild, or preaching Lenten sermons at Westminster Cathedral. But he also taught and wrote, and spent years working pastorally with neurotics (here defined as someone suffering from an emotional abnormality, but functioning reasonably well). In this passionate guide, he reveals all that he delivered to Catholic patients and penitents in his counseling sessions and in the confessional as well.

He teaches the neurotic to get distance from his troubles, methodically and with the practical steps the Church provides (but are often forgotten by clergy in positions to help). 38 brief chapters like these take readers simply through his plan, point by point:

• The Normal Man • Definitions of Neurotic • Types • Sacraments and Emotion • Sacraments and Those Who Use Them • Sacraments and Equilibrium • The Comforting of the Mind • The Comforting of the Heart • The Comforting of the Holy Spirit • The Discipline of Christ • Consciousness of Guilt • Removal of Guilt • Sex and Matrimony • The Sex Instinct • Sex and Puberty • The Need for Love • Holy Orders and the Mass • Peace of Mind • The Background of Neurosis • Some Cases

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