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Marital Love, Fidelity And Fruitfulness - 5 Cassettes

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Marital Love, Fidelity And Fruitfulness By Father Regis Scanlon

Have you ever heard someone say that "annulment" is just a fancy word for "Catholic divorce?" Do you know the Church's true teaching on the nature of Christian marriage and the beauty of human sexuality? June is here and wedding bells are ringing! Is there anything engaged Catholic couples can do to ensure their union will be truly blessed by God?


In this exciting series of five CDs (or cassettes), Capuchin priest Fr. Regis Scanlon tackles these tough questions and much more as he uncovers the Catholic truth about Holy Matrimony. You'll go back to the meaning of marriage as revealed in the teaching of Christ, as Fr. Scanlon explores the original unity of man and woman intended by God. This careful and complete analysis exposes the beauty of the Divine plan for matrimony and how to avoid the ugliness of sin - which has marred and destroyed so many souls.


reveals the inseparable connection between love and life, unity and procreation. You'll discover why St. Paul called marriage "the great mystery," a sign of Christ's unconditional love for His Church and vice versa Only by penetrating this great mystery as contained in God's Word will the terrible tides of divorce be turned and believers get on the right track leading to holiness and happiness.


Father Scanlon, an experienced teacher, preacher and counselor, shares practical wisdom rooted in the Church's unchanging teaching and tradition. He dispels the silence that has gone on too long regarding pertinent questions such as whether or not a Catholic should attend an invalid wedding, why contraception is intrinsically evil and how to foster modesty and purity in our Catholic youth You'll find out why compromising the Truth, is literally a matter of spiritual life or death.

Covering the issues of the Sacrament of Marriage, the Church and Sex, Annulments, non-Catholic wed-ding ceremonies and more, this compelling series is a perfect refresher for the married and a wonderful preparation for couples considering matrimony. Fr. Scanlon's talks clarify difficult issues that will save you from unnecessary headaches and heartaches. Buy a set for yourself, your parish and someone you love to help bring about a true renewal in Christian marriage and family life!


  • How to have a happy and holy marriage
  • Should a Catholic attend a non-Catholic wedding ceremony?
  • What Scripture says about invalid unions
  • How modernist-moralists have confused the faithful
  • Which marriage unions can be dissolved through the Church
  • How the annulment process works
  • Is the Church Too Tough On Sex?
  • How contraception attacks life and love
  • Where the Bible condemns homosexual acts, adultery and premarital sex
  • Why modern "sex education" is harmful to children
  • And much more...

Dispel the Silence

Marital Love, Fidelity & Fruitfulness

Tackle Tough Questions

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