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Interview with an Exorcist

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
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In today’s culture of scientific enlightenment, many consider belief in demonic possession and exorcism to be superstitious remnants of the Dark Ages. Even many Christians, contrary to the clear words of Jesus in the Gospel, scoff at the notion that the Devil and demons really exist. Is demonic possession real? Are believers really in any danger from Satan and his crafty minions? What is the truth about exorcism?

In this captivating book, you will find answers to these questions and many more. Written by one of the Church’s foremost experts on the topic, Interview with an Exorcist is based on Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea’s years of working as an exorcist, his extensive investigations of cases of suspected possessions, and his attendance at hundreds of exorcisms.

You will learn:

  • The difference between demonic possession, obsession, and infestation
  • What really happens at an exorcism 
  • The signs that show when possession is present
  • How to tell the difference between psychological problems and demonic influence 
  • Why the number of possessions has been increasing in recent times
  • Why consulting mediums, dabbling in witchcraft, or having recourse to other occult practices is an open invitation to demonic spirits 
  • Why the permission of the local bishop is required for an exorcism to occur
  • Why some within the Church disparage this essential apostolic ministry
  • And much more…



Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. An enlightening discussion of the nature of good, evil, and sin. A must read for serious Catholics!

Our culture has become fascinated with the paranormal and the occult.  The listing of the latest movies at one's local theater easily attests to this.  Or even a leisurely browse through the teen section of a bookstore reveals what our youth are interested in these days.  Therefore, there are many misconceptions as to the nature of good and evil.  Fr. Fortea's book Interview with an Exorcist is very timely as it reveals the truth regarding these things.

In the forward by Bishop Samual T Aquila, His Excellency warns against being too fascinated with this topic.  Too much fascination, he argues, leads to being open to the forces of evil.  It is good for a Catholic to know these things but an unhealthy interest should be avoided.

Written in the style of an inte Full Review...


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