God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage DVD Set - A New Marriage Preparation Program Based on the Theology of the Body

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God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage (Six segmented DVDs + FREE segments Guide)
by Christopher West


God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage is a marriage
preparation supplement that offers engaged couples
a more complete understanding of God’s glorious plan
for marriage and human sexuality than perhaps any
program available in the Church today. Based on Pope
John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, this supplement
is intended to enhance a key component of marriage
preparation: catechesis in the theology of marriage and
the gift of human sexuality.

This DVD includes a Full-Length Version of eight talks
and a Segments Version, with easy-to-use navigation
menus. The forty-three shorter video segments enable
marriage preparation facilitators to utilize select aspects
of the original video program while enhancing their own
live presentations of the God’s Plan content.

(Segment descriptions can be found in the accompanying 56 page guide.)

  • Introduction (4 segments)
  • Talk #1: God’s Plan for Marriage “In the Beginning” (8 segments)
  • Talk #2: Christ Restores God’s Plan for Marriage (7 segments)
  • Talk #3: What Are You Saying “I Do” To? (6 segments)
  • Talk #4: Sexual Honesty Before Marriage (6 segments)
  • Talk #5: Sexual Honesty Within Marriage (7 segments)
  • Talk #6: Some Practical Benefits of Natural Family Planning (5 segments)
  • Question & Answer (8 questions)






The Holy Father teaches that human life’s dignity and balance depends at every moment on “who woman will be for man and who man will be for woman.” God’s plan of life and love is literally stamped in our bodies. Here, you will find a much-needed testimony to the essential interrelation between love, life, and sexuality, and discover how a deep appreciation for this interrelation is the path to a blessed and joy-filled marriage.

The Theology of the Body has been called "one of the boldest reconfigurations of Catholic Theology in centuries," according to George Weigel, the pope's official biographer.  It addresses some of the most fundamental and important questions of human existence, including:

Why were we created male and female?

Where do we come from and why?

What is the meaning of life?  How do we experience it?

Why is there evil in the world and how do we overcome it?



The God's Plan workbook and the DVD series are perfect for Marriage Prep classes or for use as a supplement with an existing Pre-Cana program.


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