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Want to become a better apologist but don't know where to start?
Tired of being tongue-tied when your Catholic faith is attacked?
Looking for a simple way to start out on the royal road of Catholic apologetics?
Look no further.
In his dynamic, new two-CD set, Getting Started in Apologetics: The Least You Need To Know to Explain the Catholic Faith, Patrick Coffin, author and host of Catholic Answers Live radio show, puts the basics of the art (and science) of apologetics into your hands.
As the host of Catholic Answers Live, Catholic "revert" Patrick Coffin is no stranger to the apologetics mission field. He brings many years as a theology teacher and conference speaker to this two-CD presentation, which is designed for those who don't have time for lengthy expositions or who may feel intimidated by technical or scholarly language. This introductory presentation is custom-made for the average lay person who wants to go deeper in his ability to "always have a ready reason for those who ask of the hope that is in you" (1 Peter 3:15).
In Getting Started in Catholic Apologetics, Coffin distills the entire work of explaining and defending the Catholic faith into the least you need to know:
    * How God revealed himself in and through Christ and the Church he founded
    * How to show from the Bible that sacred Tradition isn't the "traditions of men" condemned by Jesus.
    * The role of the magisterium in determining the deposit of faith for all generations
    * The historical reliability of the New Testament
    * The seven strategies for becoming an effective communicator and a successful witness for Christ
    * The "secret" that offers irrefutable proof of the teachings of the Church
    * The "sweet sixteen" resources you'll need to get started
    * And much more!
Getting Started in Apologetics is for anyone interested in gaining more confidence as a disciple of Jesus Christ: lifelong Catholics who want a refresher course; new Catholics who want to grow in their faith "that comes to us from the Apostles;" RCIA team leaders, catechists and candidates who want a practical way to understand the sources of Catholic truth; and open-minded non-Catholics who want to learn the bottom line of what Catholics believe and why.
2 CD Set
98 min
Patrick Coffin is the host of Catholic Answers Live, America's top-rated daily radio program devoted to apologetics and evangelization, and the author of Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It's Good for Your Marriage as well as dozens of interviews, essays and articles.  He holds a graduate diploma in the philosophy of Catholic education from McGill University in Montreal and a masters degree in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville.


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