Francis - The Knight of Assisi

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It was the age of knights and kings, when honor belonged to the heroes and glory was found in the battlefield.  There lived a brave young man named Francis, whose wish was to become a mighty warrior and conquer a magnificent castle.

One day Francis felt a calling to greater glory.  God had vested upon him a very special mission that would require a supreme act of courage.  For the love of God, his King, Francis gave up all that he had and joyfully embarked upon the most exciting and unexpected adventure.

FRANCIS, THE KNIGHT OF ASSISI is the remarkable true story of the founder of the Order of Minor Friars and inspiration for three Franciscan orders.




Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Another Quality Video from CCC

This is another quality video for children from CCC.  We have watched a few of the other videos (A Guardian Angel Story and Nicholas), and so far Francis is our favorite.  Really, who doesn't love St. Francis? 
This movie starts by showing Francis deciding to go fight in the Crusade, but he becomes ill and cannot fight.  Once home he goes to work for his father, and later hears God's call to rebuild his Church.  Interestingly, this movie shows the struggling relationship between Francis and his father, who would prefer his son to be a merchant like himself.  He cannot understand his son's strange devotion to God.  When Francis takes his father's material to sell it to rebuild the church at San Damiano, his father is very upset, and so Francis finds another way to get the needed stones.  The video follows Francis as he starts his new Order, and is initially denied the Pope's permission.  After a dream Full Review...

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