Did Jesus Have a Last Name? - And 199 Other Questions From Catholic Teenagers

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Review Provided By TiberRiver.com - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
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Matthew Pinto & Jason Evert


The much-anticipated follow-up book to the best-selling Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?, this book offers compelling answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions teens have about the Catholic faith, including:

  • How can we believe in a God we cannot see?
  • Is the Catholic faith the only true religion?
  • Did the miracles in the Bible really happen?
  • Why are we punished for adam and Eve's sins?

Written by Matthew Pinto and Jason Evert, both of whom have extensive experience working with Catholic youth, Did Jesus Have a Last Name? is a book teens will want to read!  Perfect for middle and high school religion classes, CCD, and youth groups. Bulk discounts available.


Review Provided By TiberRiver.com - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Another good resource for catechists of teenagers and RCIA students

Did Jesus Have a Last Name? is a follow-up to Matthew Pinto's first volume of questions and answers from teenagers about Catholicism, Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?  This time around, Pinto is joined by Jason Evert, and the two authors combine their extensive experience in spreading the Gospel to young men and women.  The chapters are divided into the same twelve topics as in the previous volume, which makes this a nice companion to Adam & Eve or a stand-alone book to have as a resource.  
This book is helpful in outlining the essential components of a good response to each of the 200 questions.  For example, the question "After a Catholic couple gets married in the Church, can they ever re-marry" merits a two-page overview of the annulment process, discussing the three components of ma Full Review...

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