You're a Better Parent Than You Think - A Guide to Common-Sense Parenting

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Raymond N. Guarendi, Ph.D.

This book covers the most troublesome aspects of parenthood. This book is full of real, sensible, down-to-earth guidance. It restores your confidence in yourself so you don't feel undermined by all the self-proclaimed experts and enables you to raise your children in a way that is better for them... and a lot better for you! Dr. Ray teaches you the ins and outs of effective parenting by offering absorbing case examples of true-life situations that every parent will recognize.

In this book you'll learn:

  • To avoid the causes of guilt, worry and frustration
  • To calmly handle behavior that looks "abnormal"?but isn't
  • To give up unproductive tactics such as nagging, counting to three and bribing?so that you can discipline more quietly, fairly and effectively
  • And to end practices that are guaranteed to drive you batty, including over reasoning, quibbling and perpetual overseeing

Dr. Ray Guarendi is a father of 10, clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and radio host. His radio shows ? "On Call™ with Dr. Ray and Friends" and "The Doctor Is In" ? can be heard weekdays. Please see our radio affiliate listings (Ave Maria Radio, EWTN Radio & Relevant for a station in your area. You can also listen live online or on Sirius satellite radio, channel 160.


Table of Contents:

The Child-Raisers: The Media, the Experts, and Everyone Else
A Collective Mythology of Parenthood
Personality: Remembered Myths and Forgotten Realities
Is My Child Normal?
How to Talk Yourself Out of Authority
Surrendering Authority: A Parent's Handbook
Reacting to Discipline: A Child's Handbook
Six Tested Ways to Drive Yourself Batty
The Oldest, and Hardest, Profession
Seven Principles of Composed Parenting
How the Story Ended



Dr. Ray's experience includes school districts, Head Start programs, mental health centers, substance abuse programs, inpatient psychiatric centers, juvenile courts, and a private practice.

Dr. Ray has been a regular guest on national radio and television, including Oprah, Joan Rivers, Scott Ross Prime Time, 700 Club, Gordon Elliot, and CBS This Morning. He's appeared on regional radio and television shows in over 40 states and Canada. He has been the program psychologist for Cleveland's Morning Exchange, Pittsburgh 2-Day, and AM Indiana. He has written several books, including Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime, You’re a Better Parent Than You Think!, now in its twenty-fifth printing, Back to the Family, Good Discipline, Great Teens, and his newest book, Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It.

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A Refreshing Look at Parenthood and Family Life

In A Nutshell

It is more difficult to raise children today than it was just a few generations ago. The spirit of revolution that swept this country in the sixties and seventies has splintered our culture and left us with confused notions of authority. As a result, today's parents shoulder the responsibilities of forming the young with little help from larger society; indeed, they must often be at odds with modern culture. In addition, popular psychology has caused parents to become anxious by introducing them to a whole host of theoretical disorders that their children will most likely never experience. Alone, unsure of their authority, and in the face of dire predictions voiced by professionals, today?s parents too easily abandon their common sense for the opinions of others. With great humor and a surprising lack of psychobabble, Raymond Guarendi's You're a Better Parent Than You Think presents the good-sense, timeless principles that help Full Review...

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