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Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger - The Untold Story of the Lost Books of the Protestant Bible

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Why do Catholic Bibles have more books in their Old Testaments than the Protestant and Jewish Bibles of today? Did the Catholic Church add books to Scripture or did Protestantism remove them? What was the Bible of the earliest Christians? Does my Bible have the same books as the historic, early Christian Bible? Are the Jewish people of today using different Scriptures than they used in earlier times?

In this fascinating book, Gary Michuta takes the reader on a journey through history to find out what happened to these books of Sacred Scripture. Michuta traces the path of the Deuterocanon (called apocrypha by Protestants) from it pre-Christian roots through the Protestant Reformation to the nineteenth century and definitively settles the question of whether the Council of Trent added books to Scripture in reaction to Protestantism. Not since 1897 has their been a book, written by a Catholic, on the topic of the Old Testament. Many commonly held myths are exposed while uncovering many little known and surprising information concerning these lost books of the Protestant Bible.
About the author:
Gary G. Michuta is a Catholic scholar and apologist based in Michigan. He runs the popular apologetics website and is a frequent guest and speaker on EWTN.
Book Reviews:
"No book is more important than the Bible, and no question is more important than what writings belong in the Bible. Controversy has raged since Martin Luther challenged the content of Scriptures. In this excellent book Gary Michuta has put the controversy to rest and provides an easy-to-ready yet scholarly explanation and defense of the Catholic Bible."
- Steve Ray
- Mark Shea

"The attempt to make the God-Breathed Scripture and the God-Breathed Body of Christ enemies of each other is a trick that goes all the way back to Satan quoting the Bible during his temptation of Christ.  Gary Michuta is a guy who has done his homework and, with the help of the same Spirit, shows that inspired Scripture--the whole meal deal and not the recent whittled-down version--is a product of the Church under the guidance of the Spirit. Accept no substitutes."





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