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Why Apologize For The Spanish Inquisition?

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Very Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Maria Duran, M.J.

This is a very handy reference booklet for all Catholics zealous to defend our holy religion and the one true Church instituted by Jesus Christ. Co-authors, Father Duran, M.J., founder of Miles Jesu, and Father Vota, M.J., have done a great service in providing historical facts, many provided by Protestant writers, which amply vindicate the Catholic Church from all the calumnious lies commonly propagated by the unscrupulous as portraying the facts about the Spanish Inquisition. Astounding enough, in 1994 the British Broadcasting Company came out with an unbiased documentary entitled: The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition. The admissions, coming across the air waves of this apostate nation, astounded viewers, and the priests from Miles Jesu make good use of them in their monogram. Totally obliterated is the notion that thousands of innocent people were being cruelly tortured and killed by sadistic ecclesiastical inquisitors. Other anti-Catholic fabrications are confronted and buried with an abundance of documented information of which Catholics can be proud and bigots confounded. This monogram is an excellent reference source for Catholics (and open-minded Protestants) who want to know the truth about the Spanish Inquisition. The two priests from Miles Jesus who collected such invaluable information about this and other commonly accepted misrepresentations of Catholic history have done a great service in providing such finger-tip data with irrefutable rebuttals that will overturn the tables on propagandists of misinformation. That is, if we do our part as propagandists for truth.


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