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What Your Money Means - And How to Use It Well

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Countless books tell you how to make money: only this one turns to the wisdom of the ages to illuminate for you the reasons you have money in the first place, and the role it’s meant to play in your life and in the lives of others. Here, American entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Hanna introduces you to a lean, no-nonsense explanation of the meaning of your money, and a guide for dealing with it constructively.

From a tradition rooted in ordinary virtue, common sense, and the pragmatism that allows societies to flourish, Hanna has skillfully drawn forth principles and criteria that will enable you to discover quickly and with confidence:

  • Why you, in particular, have money
  • What your money calls you to be, and why
  • How to determine how much money is enough
  • The three vocations of all those who have money (can you name even one of them?)
  • How to shield yourself and your loved ones from the dangers inherent in wealth (and even make your wealth a school of virtue!)
  • How --- if philanthropy is your calling --- to give wisely (and ten rules of thumb that should guide all donors)
  • Plus: much more to help you understand what your money means, and how to use it well.

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A Must-Read Book on Money Management for Catholics

Frank J. Hanna has written a thoughtful book on what it means to have money.  As a successful business man he struggled with the question of what he was morally obligated to do with his wealth.  Should he give it all away?  Should he use it to start businesses that provide jobs for people?  Save it for his heirs?  He decided to look to philosophy and theology to answer this question and follow where it lead him.

What he discovered along the way is both intuitive and radical.  He looks first at what it means to have possessions as a child of God.  He discovers that the Church teaches that the goods of the world belong to all people, not just to the wealthy.  At the same time the Church recognizes that everything belongs to God.  As such, we are all stewards of the world, not the masters. 

Hanna makes the argument that for many people wealth is a source of unhappiness and sin.  Great evil can be done with great Full Review...

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