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The Way of the Pilgrim - And the Pilgrim Continues His Way

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A beautiful reissue of the greatest spiritual classic to come out of Russia.

Pray without ceasing, urged St. Paul. But how?

Come along with the Pilgrim on his winding, joyful path to spiritual enlightenment. Follow this anonymous nineteenth-century wayfarer as he takes you over the steppes of his mother Russia in search of the answer to the one compelling question: How does one pray constantly? Finally, share in his deep joy when the search turns up unexpected treasure: the "Jesus Prayer," handed down by untold generations of Orthodox believers.

The Way of the Pilgrim (and the Pilgrim Continues His Way - included in this book) is a spiritual classic ripe for renewed appreciation in our day. For the recent changes in Russia have revealed the great religious traditions of that land. And this work, freshly translated for our time, is among the fines examples of that centuries-old faith.

For the Pilgrim the old becomes new again. The great words of prayer from the ancient Christian past come alive in his joyful heart. And as they come alive for him, they come alive for us also. For he is an Everyman, and his hope-filled seeking evokes the longing of every pilgrim heart.

Includes complete instructions for praying the great "Jesus Prayer" (the Prayer of the Heart) of the Eastern Christian mystics.

Translated by Helen Bacovcin. Forward by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek, S.J. author of "with God in Russia" and other books. Fr. Ciszek, who spent twenty-three years in a Soviet gulag, died in 1984 and he is now being considered for canonization in the Catholic Church.


Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A window into the spirituality of the Christian East.

If you are someone who is interested in learning more about the spirituality of the Eastern Church (Orthodox or Catholic and, more specifically, the churches of the Byzantine Tradition) I recommend reading this book. It is a "spiritual classic" from the East, purported to have been written by the "title character", the Pilgrim. In actuality the book was written by the abbot of an Orthodox monastery. The Pilgrim is a many-faceted character and is also an allegorical figure. One of the delights of the book is that, at the end, among other things, you are left to ponder the mystery of the Pilgrim.

Not only is the Liturgy, History and Tradition of the Eastern churches different from the West, the spirituality of the East is different too. Yes, the "two lungs" of the Church, East and West, share much in common but there are some wonderfully surprising differences just waiting to be discovered by those of the Western Tradition. A gross over Full Review...


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