Understanding the Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers - By Mike Aquilina

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The Mass may seem routine, and it may be the common property of millions of Catholics, but much lies beneath. Mike Aquilina not only answers practical questions about this central act of Catholic worship, but also walks you through the Mass, explaining the meaning behind the prayers and practices. Find answers to such questions as: What is the Real Presence?; What are the Jewish roots of the Mass?; Why is the Mass a sacrifice?; Why do some people receive Communion on the tongue and others in the hand? You may be surprised by how much youve missed in your understanding of the Mass.

Review Provided By TiberRiver.com - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. Have questions about the Mass? This book has answers.

A while back I had the opportunity to read Mike Aquilina's Understanding The Mass 100 Questions 100 Answers.  As with every book I've ever read by Mike Aquilina, this book did not disappoint.  His writing style is engaging and keeps your turning pages.  Whether you're new to the Mass or are a seasoned pro, you're likely to find something new and enlightening in this book.

What is this book?  Well, it's a book that is comprised of questions and answers surrounding the Mass.  The questions cover every aspect of the Mass and are grouped into nine categories.  Those categories are as follows: Basics of the Mass,  The Eucharist:  The Real Presence of Christ, Scriptural and Historical Roots, The Celebrant, Obligation and Opportunity, Rites, Properly Equipped, Receiving Communion,  and The Parts of the Mas Full Review...

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