Three to Get Married

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Fulton J. Sheen

Back in print after decades, the one of the great 20th-century communicators and best-known Catholic preachers and apologists delivers an incisive look at right and wrong notions about sex and love. This work is an excellent moral preparation for marriage. In addition to presenting the causes of and solutions to crises in marriage, the author concludes with touching real-life stories of the transformation of lives through marriage. The ultimate aim of this work is to show that our Blessed Lord is to be the third and primary person in every marriage if it is to be a successful, loving marriage.

Table of Contents:

The Difference between Sex and Love
Our Vital Energies
What Love Is
The Three Tensions of Love
It Takes Three to Make Love
Love Is Triune
Unfolding the Mystery
Purity: Reverence for Mystery
The Dignity of the Body
Marriage and the Spirit
The Great Mystery
The Unbreakable Bond
The Role of Children
Mary, Motherhood, and the Home
The Dark Night of the Body
For Better or for Worse
Love's Reaction to Loss
Love Endureth Forever

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. Fulton J. Sheen’s Three to Get Married is a masterful treatment of the authentic meaning of love.


Fulton J. Sheen’s Three to Get Married is a masterful treatment of the authentic meaning of love. Love is perhaps the most written-about, most talked-about subject in all of human history, but sadly it is also the most widely misunderstood. The desire to love and to be loved is so intimately connected with our happiness in life that to misunderstand the purpose and direction of love is to misunderstand life itself. Today, popular notions about love that focus on pleasure and self-centeredness are found everywhere and are marketed particularly to the young. These false notions remain popular, though they invariably lead to devastating consequences, because they are simpler to understand and easier to pursue than the true estimation of love. Three to Get Married offers a highly readable and enticing alternative. In the classic Sheen style, this book is packed with lofty ideas previously reserved for academic circles, but here p Full Review...

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