The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants - by Dave Armstrong

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Protestants (and even many Catholics) will be surprised to see Catholicism so strongly supported by the Bible. Armstrong offers a critique of the historical exegesis of prominent Protestant commentators and theologians, who have attempted to ignore, explain away, rationalize, wish away, overpolemicize, minimize, de-emphasize, evade clear consequences of, or special plead with regard to “the Catholic Verses”: ninety-five biblical passages that provide the foundation for Catholicism’s most distinctive doctrines. It is demonstrated that a fair-minded reading of each of these passages (and of the whole Bible) supports the Catholic position on the key issues that divide Protestants from Catholics.

Table of Contents



    1. The Church

        * The Church is the “Pillar of the Truth”
        * The Binding Authority of Councils, Led by the Holy Spirit
        * The Authority of Oral Tradition
        * Sinners in the Church

    2. Divisions and Denominationalism

        * Christians Ought to Be One as Jesus and His Father Are One
        * A Multiplicity of Divisions Is a Bad Thing
        * Dissensions and Denominationalism Forbidden by St. Paul

    3. Bible and Tradition

        * The Necessity of Authoritative Interpretation
        * The Binding Authority of Tradition, According to St. Paul
        * Oral and Extrabiblical Tradition in the New Testament

    4. The Papacy

        * St. Peter as the Rock and Possessor of the Keys of the Kingdom

    5. Justification and Salvation

        * Faith and Works: Two Sides of One Coin
        * The Rich Young Ruler’s Question About Salvation
        * God’s Fellow Workers?
        * St. Paul’s Plea: “Work Out Your Salvation”
        * Obedience Necessary for Salvation
        * Disobedience Led to Death, Obedience to Justification
        * St. Paul on Falling Away from the Faith and Salvation
        * Other Biblical Writers on Apostasy

    6. Judgment and Good Works

        * The Crucial Role of Works (and Absence of Faith) in Judgment Day Accounts
        * St. Paul: “Doers of the Law” Will Be Justified

    7. Baptism

        * Baptism of Entire Households (Implying the Baptism of Children) .
        * Baptismal Regeneration

    8. The Eucharist

        * The Last Supper: “This Is My Body”
        * “He Who Eats My Flesh and Drinks My Blood Has Eternal Life”
        * “Participation” in the Body and Blood of Christ
        * Profaning the Body and Blood of the Lord

    9. Penance

        * Sharing in Christ’s Sufferings
        * Carrying Christ’s Afflictions in Our Bodies

    10. The Communion of the Saints

        * The Imitation of Paul and the Veneration of the Saints
        * Saints in Heaven as a “Cloud of Witnesses” Watching Those on Earth
        * The Intercession of the Saints and Their Connection with the Earth

    11. Relics and Sacramentals

        * Elisha’s Bones Raise a Man from the Dead
        * More Biblical Relics: Elijah’s Mantle, Peter’s Shadow, and Paul’s Handkerchief

    12. Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead

        * A Fairly Explicit Biblical Argument for Purgatory 1
        * Baptism for the Dead: the Most “Un-Protestant” Verse in the Bible
        * The Case of Onesiphorus: Did St. Paul Pray for a Dead Man?
        * Prayers for the Dead When the Dead Are Raised

    13. The Blessed Virgin Mary

        * Full of Grace: The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Sinlessness and Immaculate Conception

    14. Clerical Celibacy

        * Voluntary Eunuchs for the Sake of the Kingdom of Heaven
        * “Each Has His Own Special Gift”; “Undivided Devotion to the Lord”

    15. Divorce

        * Our Lord Jesus’ “Strict” Stance on Divorce

    16. Contraception

        * The Sin of Onan [online excerpt is from the first draft, and contains some differences]



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