Surrender! - The Life -Changing Power of Doing god's Will

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
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At best, the word surrender is decidedly un-American Remember the Alamo, Leave it all on the field, Never give up.

But Scripture and Father Larry Richards can be equally as compelling as he challenges you to go against the grain and do what few are willing to do.

A gifted and captivating speaker, preacher, and retreat master... inner city pastor Father Richard's infectious enthusiasm, in-your-face realism and solid teaching will help you see how surrendering to the will of God paves the way to obtaining the peace which surpasses all understanding, that will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (see Phil 4:7).

Following in the footsteps of his best-selling "Be a Man" book, Surrender outlines concrete steps you can take to dwell in peace. Simply put, God wants every one of us to be a saint which is a lot of work! It requires developing a plan for your life, in accordance with the Lord's will.

Prayer is the key to this, as it opens the soul to hearing God's voice and accepting his guidance. But prayer too requires discipline and planning. Father Richards is the life coach every one of us needs on the sidelines of our daily life the tough love coach who calls it like he sees it.

Allow yourself to move out of the driver seat and surrender to the one who knows all God.

Table of Contents:

Surrender and Go to Heaven!
Surrender and Be a Great Lover!
Surrender and Be Free!
Surrender and Be an Icon of Jesus!
Surrender and Hear God's Voice!
Surrender and Discover God's Will!
Surrender and Live God's Will!




Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Good message, poor delivery

Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God's Will is another book that Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) sent me in exchange for a review. I was super excited to read this book, as Fr. Larry Richards gave a men's retreat in Mobile, I was unable to attend due to Catechist training. My friend talked for months about how great the retreat is, and got this very book from his conference. When, OSV I opened my box and saw this book in there, I was super excited to dive in this book.
Unfortunately, Surrender did not meet my expectations. For starters this book had tons of typos in it. I understand one or two, but there are several in each chapter, including spelling errors and typing two verbs in a row where it seemed like the ed Full Review...

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