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The Snakebite Letters - Devilishly Devious Secrets for Subverting Society As Taught in Tempter's Training School

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By Peter J. Kreeft

Taking his cue from the new literary genre invented by C. S. Lewis in Screwtape Letters, Peter Kreeft has gathered together fifteen spicy letters from Satan's agents below that allow the reader to spy into Hell's inter-office communication. Now that it is becoming more and more obvious that we are at war--not only cultural but spiritual war--it is also more necessary to understand our diabolical enemy and his strategy.

Combining satire, humor and devilish insights, these fifteen letters from Snakebite to his trainee, Braintwister, provide a complete Satanic strategy for corrupting American society, public and private morality, and the Church. Focusing especially on the critical areas of sex, media, liturgy, theology and religious education, these letters reveal the inroads that Screwtape's satanic American counterparts of the 90s have made into subverting our modern culture. The Koran says: "Before shooting the arrow of truth, dip it in honey." This genre of devilish correspondence allows serious this-worldly social criticism to take the form of witty other-worldly letters.

Table of Contents:

On Spiritual Warfare
On the Primacy of the Mind
Sex and the Media
How to Shoot Chastity in the Head
On Abortion
Is Going to Church Really Important?
What Has the Lowerarchy Done to the Liturgy?
On Liturgical Music
On Liturgical Language
How to Sabotage Worship
On Catholic Education
On Elitism and Egalitarianism in Catholic Education
On What They Learn in Theology Class
On Disintegration and Integration in Theology
Appendix: Rethinking 199-: A Revisionist View

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Commentary on the Catholic Church in America as it relates to the devil.

When C.S. Lewis wrote The Screwtape Letters, he hit upon many very important points about the Christian faith and how they can be subverted and changed to fit something the devil can use to get us. Peter Kreeft, in his book Snakebite Letters: Devilishly Devious Secrets for Subverting Society As Taught in Tempter's Training School, follows the same satirical idea as Lewis to write about the situation in America.

The chapters of the book are written as letters from Snakebite, a higher ranking devil, to his trainee Braintwister. They cover some of the many parts of the "strategy" of the devil in corrupting the society, morality, and Church in America. The topics covered can be divided into four parts: sin and personal morality, sex, Church and liturgy, and Catholic higher education. Using humor and deep insight, Kreeft's Snakebite teaches his young ward the intricasies of tempting the young American mind, and warping it to believe in everything and n Full Review...


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