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The Salvation Controversy

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There are times when you just know, as if by instinct, and often before you're able to say exactly why, that an argument you're hearing is fatally flawed; it gives off something like the hollow thunk of cheap glass.  But then there are those rare and precious times when you read a book or an article and-ping!-there's no mistaking:  This is the real thing.  At the banquet table of apologetics, James Akin's The Salvation Controversy is the finest of fine crystal. 

Questions relating to salvation-especially faith versus works, but also penance, purgatory, indulgences, and free cooperation with God's grace-have been sore points in the dialogue between Catholics and Protestants.  Mr. Akin knows and respects the Protestants tradition in which he was raised and the Catholicism he has come to embrace.  He is not about to falsify either or to pretend that crucial differences do not exist.  But he is also unwilling to allow theological slogans (such as "faith alone") to distract us from significant points of agreement.  His method is to follow Scripture and Tradition wherever they lead-and he is formidably equipped for the task-with honesty, clarity of mind, and an abundance of logical skill.




Introduction: On Words and Word-Fights

Salvation, Past Present and Future

Temporal and Eternal Salvation

Two Other Kinds of Salvation

Doing Penance


A Tiptoe Through TULIP

Resisting and Cooperating with God

Faith, Work and Boasting

Justification and Ecumenism


Scripture Index

Subject Index


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