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Ritual de exequias cristianas: Vigilia, Liturgia Funeral, y Rito de Sepelio

Ritual de exequias cristianas: Vigilia, Liturgia Funeral, y Rito de Sepelio - Order of Christian Funerals: Vigil, Funeral Liturgy, and Rite of Committal

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El Ritual de exequias Cristianas le permite al ministro, después de consultar a los familiares, escoger aquellos ritos y textos que mejor se adapten a la situación: aquellos que más exactamente se acomoden a las necesidades de los dolientes, las circunstancias de la muerte, y las costumbres de la comunidad cristiana del lugar. Las notas pastorales pueden ayudar al ministro y a la familia en la selección del rito apropiado.

El Ritual de exequias Cristianas incluye "Vigilia por un Difunto," "Ritos Relacionados," "Misa Exequial," "Liturgia Exequial fuera de la Misa," "Rito de Sepelio," "Rito de Sepelio con Ultima Despedida," "Exequias de Adultos," "Antífonas y Salmos," "Oraciones y Textos en Casos Extraordinarios," "Oraciones por lost Difuntos," y "Sagrada Comunión fuera de la Misa."

This bilingual edition of the Order of Christian Funerals contains the basic texts in English and Spanish for vigil services, funeral liturgies, committal services, prayers and texts for particular circumstances, and Holy Communion outside of Mass. Large, easy to read type is printed in two colors and ribbon markers assure easy use.

The Order of Christian Funerals includes "Vigil for the Deceased," "Related Rites and Prayers," "Funeral Mass," "Funeral Liturgy Outside Mass," "Rite of Committal," "Rite of Committal with Final Commendation," "Funerals for Adults," "Antiphons and Psalms," "Prayers and Texts in Particular Circumstances," and "Holy Communion Outside of Mass."

"For parishes with either abundant or limited musical resources, the updated people’s bilingual editions of Order of Christian Funerals: Vigil Service –Evening Prayer and Order of Christian Funerals: Funeral Mass come with a musical accompaniment edition that includes many of the appropriate songs."
-Crux of the News

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