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Rebuilding a Lost Faith - By an American Agnostic

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Rebuilding a Lost Faith is a great and famous apologetics book in defense of the truth of the Catholic Faith.  It is written as the spiritual odyssey of the author, John L. Stoddard - showing how he lost his faith in Christianity as a Protestant seminary student, became before long an agnostic, and finally after 40 years, through the grace of God, was "forced" to search once more for religious truth, with the result that he finally became a Catholic.


During his school days and young adult life, Stoddard had tried to settle his religious doubts and difficulties by talking to learned Protestant professors and ministers, but he just could not find answers to the questions that plagued him.

As a result he became before long an enthusiastic unbeliever, and eventually "an agnostic," as he calls himself, embracing the idea that religion is something to be discarded as man "evolves." He describes how he held this basic viewpoint for some 40 years - until he finally came to realize, as a result of being caught for 5 years in the war zone during World War I, that something must be dreadfully wrong in the world for such a calamity to be taking place. Thus began his "awakening" and his renewed search for the Truth, which culminated in his discovering that the Catholic Church indeed possesses the objective religious truth for which he had been looking.

John Stoddard knew what kinds of things would trouble a searcher after religious truth, since he had himself been lost, and he achieves a stellar success in showing his readers the road to truth, based upon the fruits of his own search. Many, many people have been converted to Catholicism by reading Rebuilding a Lost Faith - which is why the author wrote the book. It is being offered once more, in this new and unabridged edition, in the confidence that it will continue, even in our day, to fulfill the purpose for which it was written and bring intelligent, inquiring minds to an understanding of the truth of the Catholic Faith. Rebuilding a Lost Faith is truly one of the finest apologetics books ever written.

Imprimatur: Edm. Canon Surmont, Vicar General of Westminster, 3/21/1922

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