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The Politics of Prayer - Feminist Language and the Worship of God

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Feminism and related ideologies have exerted unparalleled influence on organized religion for about three decades.  Nowhere is evidence of this dominant influence more obvious than in worship of the liberal mainline denominations.  The transformation of the language of worship began almost imperceptibly with relatively peripheral liturgical elements, such as prayers incorporating approved feminist language and with "corrected" lyrics to existing hymns and words of prayers.


Encountering no effective resistance to these achievements, the feminists' objective of radical destruction of "oppressive, patriarchal" religion has now accelerated into an all-out attack on the Scripture and on the core beliefs it incorporates which are common to both Christianity and Judaism--essential beliefs about the nature of God, of the nature of mankind's "imaging" of God, of the meaning of human sexuality and of the relationship of men and women with one another and with God.  So far there has been sparse and ineffective resistance to the relentless undermining of the worship of God.

The contributors to this timely and critically important volume include Catholic, Protestant and Jewish believers, men and women, scripture scholars, theologians, translators, linguists, poets, clergy and laity who have in common, in addition to a shared regard for and interest in the integrity of language--an unambiguous affirmation of their religious faith, and a clear-eyed and objective view of the nature of the Cosmic War in which we are all now engaged.  These essays offer important insights into the function of language and objectives of translation, as well as penetrating analysis of the effect of ideologically motivated linguistic innovations on new Scripture translations and on the worship of God.

"For those seeking to combat the increasing feminist politicization of liturgical language.  The Politics of Prayer offers what is needed in the way of intellectual ammunition."
- Donna Steichen, Author, Ungodly Rage

"The language of worship has become the latest skirmish in a much larger struggle.  The ramifications of this struggle for our understanding of God and Divine Revelation cannot be underestimated.  The Politics of Prayer will be welcomed by all who are concerned about these issues."
- Most Reverend John J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria

"The feminist revolutionaries advocate not the development of Christianity but the displacement of Christianity by a new liberationist 'revelation.'  The Politics of Prayer is both an acute analysis of the threat and a bracing reaffirmation of Christian faith in God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."
- Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, Editor, First Things

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