The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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This edition of the New Testament is small enough (and sturdy enough) to hold up even when it's tucked into a crowded pocket or purse!  As such, it's perfect to carry with you for those moments in line or in waiting rooms when you can take some time for a moment's consolation from the Word of God.  A reprint of the reliable Confraternity edition published in 1941, the type in this pocket-size volume is large enough to read with ease. The cover has the words: "The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" and a simple cross, in gold.  This edition has a stiff glossy cover and also features a convenient black ribbon placemarker.


This excellent revision of the Rheims-Douay Version of the Scriptures made in 1750 by Bishop Chailoner, Vicar of Apostolic of the London District, is an admirable accomplishment.  This work had become in many respects obsolete and unintelligible in its archaic expressions.  A new revision meant an analytical, critical and literary work of such magnitude that to attempt it seemed not only a risk but almost a dream.  The revision of the New Testament is now a happy reality, and has won the applause of the most competent scholars.  Study for the revision continued over more than five years, under the direction of about thirty Biblical scholars from among the clergy, generously assisted by the active menbers of the Catholic Biblical Association of America.  The names of these scholars have very appropriately been listed on the last page of the new volume of the New Testament as a tribute of undying gratitude...

                       Excerpt from the address to the Seventh National Congress of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Philadelphia, November 16, 1941, reproduced here with the approval of His Excellency the Apostolic Delegate

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A Must-Own for the Roman Catholic

A number of weeks ago, I became interested in the Latin Vulgate and English translations of the Vulgate for a couple of reasons: First, because it is the official edition of Sacred Scripture for the Roman Catholic Church, and second, because the Vulgate has been strenuously defended by the Magisterium throughout history as being free from all error whatsoever with regard to Faith and Morals. An example of this defense the following quote from the Council of Trent:
"Moreover, the same sacred and holy Synod,--considering that no small utility may accrue to the Church of God, if it be made known which out of all the Latin editions, now in circulation, of the sacred books, is to be held as authentic,--ordains and declares, that the said old and vulgate edition, which, by the lengthened usage of so many years, has been approved of in the Church, be, in public lectures, disputations, sermons and expositions, held as authentic; and that no one is to da Full Review...

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