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The New Faithful - Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy

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Who are they? What drives them? How will their faith change their lives - and yours?

Saving sex for marriage. Attending the Latin Mass. Witnessing to others about Christ. Baby boomers largely rejected these trappings of traditional Christianity - so why are their children embracing them with such fervor? Author Colleen Carroll taps into the restless hearts of America's Gen-X believers, revealing their deep attraction to tradition, longing for truth, and determination to change the world. As Carroll writes, "The grassroots movement they have started bears watching because it has thrived in the most unlikely places, captured the hearts of the most unlikely people, and aims to effect the most unlikely of outcomes: a revitalization of American Christianity and culture."

"Colleen Carroll blends investigative reporting with profound analysis to reveal a world of young people that most of us do not know exists. This brilliant young journalist opens the door to exciting and inspiring vistas."
- Robert D. Novak, CNN commentator and syndicated columnist

"With the knowledge of an insider and the sprightly facility of a good journalist, Colleen Carroll tells one of the largely unheralded stories of our time: the turn of so many highly educated young Americans toward serious religious commitment. How did these young people become, as she puts it so well, 'defenders of orthodoxy in an age that denigrates dogma'? Carroll unravels the mystery in a book that will become an important document of our time. The orthodox, the unorthodox, and the flexible souls in between will find grist here for lively argument and serious reflection."
- E. J. Dionne Jr., Author, Why Americans Hate Politics and coeditor (with John J. Dilulio, Jr.), What's God Got to Do with the American Experiment?

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. New Trends from Generation X - with Statistics

In A Nutshell

In recent years, polls and statistics concerning the religious sentiments of young adults have turned up some surprising results. The growing popularity of such things as the traditional Latin Mass and other traditional services in mainline Protestant churches as well as organizations such as Promise Keepers and the True Love Waits campaign indicate that there is a small but significant number of young adults who are embracing Christian orthodoxy, traditional religion, and conventional morality. These young adults—members of Generation X—display traditionalist leanings similar to those of their grandparents' generation despite the more liberal tendencies of their parents' generation. They differ from their grandparents' generation, however, in that they came to their orthodox views despite the popular culture of their time—many of these young adults were never instructed in conventional morality or raised with traditio Full Review...


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