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Love Is Stronger Than Death

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In one of his most penetrating books, Peter Kreeft ponders, as a Christian philosopher, the meaning of a terminal illness we all have: death. How we approach death, feel about death, cope with death, and actually die depends on how we answer the question of what death is. As Kreeft states, "Life is either totally meaningless or totally meaningful, depending on what death is."

The three vital, intertwinging questions of Life, Death, and God are approached through a variety of human experiences which help the reader to see death as "a person, not a personification." Kreeft envisions five succeeding faces of death, first as an enemy, then stranger, friend, mother, and finally as lover. Throughout the entire exploratory journey from enemy to lover, Kreeft moves logically and deftly, encouraging the reader to continue by pointing out the necessity for really understanding this profound mystery in order to live wisely.

Kreeft's book is a new statement of the Christian vision, the Christian message: the meaning of our existence, and of death, is the fulfillment of our deepest and purest desire: the desire for the infinite joy and love of God.

"One of the few books on death everyone should read. There is nothing else like it."
- Library Journal

"Refreshing and powerful, well written and straight to the point. One might suppose that a book on death would be a somber experience: in the end it is a joyful one."
- Sheldon Vanauken, Author, A Severe Mercy

"Eloquent Christian meditations on death. Kreeft is sensitive, fresh, and exceptionally well-read. He writes dense, driving prose that blends vivid exposition and confessional intensity ... Pungent, potent, unconventional."
- Kirkus Reviews

"A must for the serious student of life and death. Kreeft is challenging, often clever and comprehensive, even comforting. But something more lasting and rare is also found in his books - truth."
- Christianity Today

"Peter Kreeft begins his inspiring book by telling us it was written for an intensely personal reason - he has a terminal illness. You and I suffer from the same terminal illness. Kreeft's well-written interdisciplinary discussion of love and death should be read for intensely personal reasons."
- Vincent W. Marsella

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