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Little Acts of Grace

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Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli

Little Things Mean a Lot

How do you show your mommy and daddy that you love them?  Do you give them a hug?  Bring them flowers?  Tell them you love them?

God wants to know that you love him, too.  So how do you show God you love Him?  In lots of little ways.

  • By visiting the church even when it's not Sunday.
  • By bowing your head when you hear the name of Jesus.
  • By making the Sign of the Cross.
  • By doing lots of little things that mean a lot!

These little acts of grace help us and keep our minds and hearts focused on God.  But most of all, they let Him know just how much we love Him every day!

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A tender, gentle way to introduce a child to what it means to be Catholic

Little Acts of Grace is a short 48 page approximately 8"x6" book teaching the words, thoughts, motions and attitudes that will open your young child to grace.  It is as if a kind parent is kneeling before the tabernacle whispering in a young child's ear all the expectations, loving gestures and awe that should accompany kneeling before the tabernacle. 
Each page has a title and a description and explanation of what action is discussed and why we do that action on child's level.  Words spoken by the child at the time are in bold.  The topic is ended with a quote from the bible.
Cartoon illustrations accompany each page and each page is its own topic.  Therefore, topics can be hit quickly and easily without overwhelming the child with information.  When used as a review, it is a wonderful reminder of Full Review...


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