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A Light in the Heavens - Great Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII

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St. Malachy of Armagh (in Ireland), on a trip to Rome around 1140 A.D., wrote a prophetic title for every Pope from his own time to the End of Time. His prophecy for Leo XIII was "A light in the heavens." And truly he was, as these great Encyclicals more than prove shedding the light of the Faith on virtually all the major problems of the world that we still face. Though written approximately 100 years ago, they read as though written today. Modern man founders in a sea of problems, all of his own making. But like a huge beacon light, these great letters of Leo XIII


show us the solutions. Here are all this great Pope's famous Encyclicals:
On Freemasonry • Holy Scripture • Christian Marriage • Christian Democracy • The Holy Spirit • Anglican Orders • The Most Holy Eucharist • Scholastic Philosophy • The Condition of the Working Classes • True and False Americanism • Christian Constitution of States • Right Ordering of Christian Life • Chief Duties of Christians as Citizens • Socialism-Communism-Nihilism • On the Evils Affecting Modern Society,
Rather than a group of disparate letters, these encyclicals read today like the various chapters from a single mighty book a book as from a Doctor of the Church, commenting on all the evils and problems of modern times, and their solutions. These encyclicals are as germane today as when written nay, more so! For we today are witnesses of the extremity of those errors which were only beginning to show themselves in Leo's time.  He shows that the Faith is the answer: the Catholic Faith is the solution to man's problems: Having rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ, modern man as a society is cast back upon his own devices and they are woefully
inadequate to answer his needs. Here is a book every adult Catholic should read and one that belongs in every Catholic home for the profound enlightenment of future generations of Catholic people!

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