Jesus, The Divine Physician - Encountering Christ in the Gospel of Luke

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This book is a new release and will be published in May 2008.

 General Description:

Who is Jesus Christ? How can we really know Him? People have been asking that major question for 2,000 years. The best answers are found in the four Gospels, but how are they to be understood, and applied to our modern lives and faith?

Cardinal Schönborn, the well-known Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, and renowned spiritual writer and teacher, presents this third book in his series of meditations on the Gospels, seeking to help the reader to have a deep personal encounter with Jesus Christ as seen in the Sacred Scriptures. His first two books focused on the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, and this new book covers Luke. Sunday after Sunday, he uses the Gospel readings from Luke to explain the beauty of the Gospel in clear and understandable words.

The Cardinal shows how many of the most famous and important events in Christ’s life, and his greatest parables, are only related in the Gospel of Luke. The powerful parables of the Prodigal Son, of the Good Samaritan, and of the Lost Sheep are only told only in Luke’s Gospel. As well as the famous story of the tax collector, Zaccheus, so little he climbed a tree to be able to see Jesus, and the moving story of the disciples’ encounter with Christ on the road to Emmaus after the Resurrection. It is also in Luke’s Gospel that the important roles of women are given particular mention. Finally, it is thanks to Luke especially that we know some of the important details about the Passion of the Savior.

“Cardinal Schönborn convincingly brings home the truth and power of the Gospel image of Jesus. If you have lost touch with Christ, you will find him again. Disciples of Christ will discover new strength, conviction, and joy in this fresh expression of the reality of your Jesus and mine.”
— Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., Author, Arise From Darkness





Advent and Christmas Season

  • First Sunday of Advent: A Different Advent
  • Second Sunday of Advent: Not Just Stories
  • Third Sunday of Advent: What to Do?
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent: Two Pregnant Women
  • Christmas Night: The Lord of History
  • Feast of the Holy Family: God in Everyday Life
  • New Year's Day (Mary, Mother of God): Jesus and Mary
  • Second Sunday After Christmas Day: In the Beginning
  • The Epiphany of the Lord: Do the Stars Tell Us?
  • The Baptism of the Lord: Coming Up Again Like New


Sundays in Ordinary Time

  • Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Do Whatever He Tells You
  • Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: A Reliable Account
  • Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Stay with Us!
  • Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Put Out into the Deep
  • Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Complete Reversal of Values
  • Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: A Man, in Spite of Everything
  • Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: What the Heart is Full of …
  • Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Will He Find Faith Among Us?
  • Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Terminus: Life
  • Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: Love – Different, for Once
  • Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Who is He?
  • Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: I Have Not Regretted It
  • Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: It is Harvest Time!
  • Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Samaritan
  • Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Windows for Vacation Time
  • Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Teach Us to Pray!
  • Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: You Fool!
  • Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Treasure and the Heart
  • Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Not with Fire and Sword
  • Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Narrow Door
  • Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Do as God Does!
  • Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: Neglecting Everything
  • Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Joy that is Contagious
  • Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: God and Mammon
  • Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Poor Man as a Bridge
  • Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: Increase Our Faith!
  • Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Have Mercy!
  • Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Very Troublesome Widow
  • Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Man Who is Close and Stands Far Off

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