Jesus of Nazareth Vol. III - The Infancy Narratives

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 5 stars overall.
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Jesus of Nazareth Vol. III: His Infancy and Childhood
Pope Benedict XVI

"The momentous third and final volume in the Pope's international bestselling Jesus of Nazareth series details the stories of Jesus' infancy and boyhood, and how they are relevant today in the modern world.

As the Pope wrote in volume two of this series, he attempts to ""develop a way of observing and listening to the Jesus of the Gospels that can indeed lead to the personal encounter and that, through collective listening with Jesus' disciples across the ages, can indeed attain sure knowledge of the real historical figure of Jesus.""

Now, the Pope focuses exclusively on the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life as a child. The root of these stories is the experience of hope found in the birth of Jesus and the affirmations of surrender and service embodied in his parents, Joseph and Mary. This is a story of longing and seeking, as demonstrated by the Magi searching for the redemption offered by the birth of a new king. Ultimately, Jesus' life and message is a story for today, one that speaks to the restlessness of the human heart searching for the sole truth which alone leads to profound joy.

""I can at last consign to the reader the long promised little book on the narratives of Jesus' childhood . . . Here I have sought to interpret, in dialogue with exegetes of the past and of the present, what Matthew and Luke recount at the beginning of their Gospels about the infancy of Jesus.""
- Pope Benedict XVI"

- Pope Benedict XVI

Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives by Pope Benedict XVI










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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. The long awaited

Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives is by no means my first attempt to read Pope Benedict XVI. My first attempt came trying to read the first part of the "Jesus of Nazareth" series, at which I tried and failed miserably. I decided to next try and read "Introduction to Christianity," but Pope Benedict's definition of introduction and my definition of introduction are on vastly different planes. I had to put both of those books aside, as I realized I was trying to run before I could even crawl. "The Infancy Narratives," however, are a manageable read both in length and content.

Although many will view this as the 3rd Volume in his "Jesus of Nazareth" series, Pope Benedict makes a point to the reader that this is an antechamber (a small room that leads to larger rooms) to the other two books. For this reason, I am glad to have read Full Review...

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