In Conversation with God, Vol. 3 - Ordinary Time: Weeks 1-12

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
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Francis Fernandez

In Conversation with God, Volume 3 has meditations for all of Ordinary Time Weeks 1-12, based on the daily gospels.  This is number 3 in the 7-volume set of In Conversation with God. This book has a green vinyl cover with the words "In Conversation with God, Daily Meditaions Volume Three: Ordinary Time: Weeks 1-12, Francis Fernandez" all in gold lettering.  The high gloss paper bookcover depicts the work of art, Jesus opens the eyes of a man born blind (detail), Duccio (Reproduced by courtesy of the Trustees, The National Gallery, London.

Man's highest aspiration is to be able to converse with Jesus - to pray.  In Conversation with God helps the reader to pray with piety and with confidence.  It is aimed not at the 'specialist' but is for the ordinary person - for the housewife, for the teacher, for the secretary, for the shop assistant...

Following the thread of the Liturgy, this book gives many practical hints for deepening in one's relationship with God and those around one, improving one's character in and through daily work and family life.  The author has clearly succeeded in not creating a straitjacket; rather the book, rich as it is in quotations from spiritual writers throughout the ages, is a source of open suggestions for daily meditation on every aspect of Christian life.  Sales of this series, running to several hundred thousand copies in all the main languages, are a testimony to its popularity.

In Conversation with God Series:

Volume I: Advent and Christmastide
Volume II: Lent and Eastertide
Volume III: Ordinary Time Weeks 1-12
Volume IV: Ordinary Time Weeks 13-23
Volume V: Ordinary Time Weeks 24-34
Volume VI: Special Feasts January - June
Volume VII: Special Feasts July - December

Complete Boxed Set


Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Great series of Daily meditation

Are you looking for help with your prayer? Are you looking for some spiritual reading that will help you to enter into a conversation with God? Well then, I recommend none other than the In Conversation with God series of daily meditations by Francis Fernandez. This series of seven books walks you through the Liturgical year, giving you a meditation based on scripture each day of the year.
Volume Three, the book I selected for review focuses on Ordinary Time, Weeks 1-12. (Why, you ask, did I start with Volume 3? Well, it's because we were in the midst of the first part of Ordinary Time when I ordered the book!) The weekday meditations focus on one of the scriptures for the day. During the week, the meditations may come from any of the three years of the cycle. For Sundays, there is a specific meditation for each year in the cycle. You just pick on Full Review...

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