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Graced and Gifted - Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker's Heart

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The second in a series of Bible studies based on Proverbs 31, Graced and Gifted offers tools to help you create a home that will be a place of beauty and peace where the needs of your loved ones are met. Applying Sacred Scripture, Church teaching and pastoral wisdom, Kimberly Hahn helps you explore:
  • Time management
  • The art of homemaking, from creating a pleasant environment to clutter management
  • Food preparation; making meals a time of communion
  • Cultivating a garden
  • The importance of housework

Graced and Gifted also includes chapters on each of the sacraments as they relate to the tasks of homemaking. Discussion questions help you apply the material to your own life and make the book a valuable resource for small group discussion. Graced and Gifted is also available on DVDs featuring a lively presentation of the material by the author.

About the author: Kimberly Hahn, Research Fellow and Secretary/Teasurer of The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, is a renowned author, lecturer and Bible study leader, in addition to homeschooling her six children with St. Paul Center Founder, Dr. Scott Hahn.

Mrs. Hahn has an advanced degree in Theology and her most recent book is Life Giving Love: Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage (Servant, 2002). She is also the co-author with Scott Hahn of the best-selling Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism(Ignatius, 1994) and Catholic Education - Homeward Bound: A Guide to Home Schooling, written with Mary Hasson (Ignatius, 1996).
Table of Contents:

Part One: She Works with Willing Hands
Priority Loving Leads to Priority Living
Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace
A Mother's Guide to Baptism

Part Two: She Brings Her Food from Afar
She Provides Food for Her Household
Feeding the Hunger of the Heart
A Mother's Guide to the Eucharist

Part Three: She Rises While It Is Still Night
Rhythm of Life: The Dance of Time Management
Waltzing through Life: Establishing a Pattern to Our Tasks
A Mother's Guide to Confirmation

Part Four: She Provides Tasks for Her Maidens
Housework is God's Work
The Value of Homemaking
A Mother's Guide to Confession

Part Five: She Considers a Field and Buys It
Good Management in the Garden of the Land
Cultivating Contemplation
A Mother's Guide to the Sacraments of Consecration: Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony

Part Six: She Girds Herself with Strength
Gird Your Loins with Strength
God's Strength for Us
A Mother's Guide to Anointing of the Sick: Strength at the Hour of Death

Appendix A: Video Outlines
Appendix B: Questions for an Intergenerational Women's Study
Appendix C: Key Questions for Buying Your Next Home
Appendix D: Making a House a Home, Room by Room





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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Good primer for a first time wife or struggling homemaker

I had mentioned Graced & Gifted in a What’s on Your Nightstand? Post awhile back and I had given it a 2 star rating, which isn’t totally accurate.  The reason I had done that was because most, if not all, the content was stuff I already knew after several years of being a homemaker & preparing for it.  IF, however, you had given me this book a year or two after I moved out, it would have been intensely useful.
Kimberly Hahn, wife of apologist Scott Hahn, is tackling the subject of being a Proverbs 31 woman from a Catholic perspective.  This book, Graced & Gifted, is the second in a series of four books written to address the subject.  It’s main focus is Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart.

The information in here is invaluable to any woman who is out on her own for the first time or is newly m Full Review...

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