Genesis 1-22 Study Guide - The Covenant as a Family Affair

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Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel. Noah and the Ark. While most people are familiar with the colorful tales in the first book of Scripture, how many truly understand their profound significance to human destiny? Can what you don’t know about the Book of Genesis keep you from fully grasping the “whole story” of Sacred Scripture?

Key Principles

In his classic Bible Study Genesis 1-22: The Covenant as a Family Affair, renowned Catholic theologian and biblical scholar Dr. Scott Hahn expertly guides you through the first twenty-two chapters of Genesis to reveal the key interpretive principles that will empower you to understand all the other books of both the Old and New Testaments! Digitally re-mastered on seven CDs, this insightful Scripture Study is now available with a comprehensive 53 page Listening and Group Study Guide prepared by Dr. Carol Younger, EdD to make mastering the material easier than ever!

Relevant Insights

According to Dr. Hahn, “If you understand what is written in Genesis, you will have a firmer grasp of the Christian message than many contemporary theologians!” With this series plus the Study Guide, you’ll follow verse-by-verse commentary, explanations of key Greek and Hebrew words, background information on how key passages are used in both Catholic and Protestant theology, plus explanations of how various words and phrases are commonly misinterpreted, as well as suggestions for further reading.

But that’s not all! You’ll also discover a wealth of relevant personal insights as Dr. Hahn reveals that God sees us not only as we are, but also as we have been, and as we always will be. As Dr. Hahn carefully explains the indispensable treasures of wisdom hidden in the biblical narrative, you’ll discern the clear-cut pattern for God’s perfect plan of salvation. In fact Dr. Hahn reveals how all of the covenant relationships in Genesis point to their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, His Holy Church and the lives of His faithful followers.

The “Whole Story”

With Genesis 1-22: The Covenant as a Family Affair you’ll clearly see the essential recurring themes that connect the many persons, events and literary genres of both the Old and New Testaments. Nowhere else will you find material of this depth in such an easy-to-follow format! If you’ve ever been confused or frustrated in your study of the Bible, this inspiring and enlightening study will enable you to finally see “the whole story” by taking you back to where it all began.


  • Why Genesis is the most controversial Old Testament book for modern religion
  • What God was doing before He created
  • Why the literal and spiritual meanings of Scripture are not in opposition
  • Where the first promise of the Gospel is revealed in Genesis
  • Why the Church is called the “New Eve”
  • How the stories of Jonah and the Tower of Babel have special significance to the Church
  • Why many of the characters in Genesis lived such extraordinarily long lives
  • How family origins or family name promote spiritual strength
  • Why Christ is called a priest according to the order of Melchizedek
  • How everything in the Catholic Church is a fulfillment of the Old Testament covenants
  • And much more

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