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A Father Who Keeps His Promises - God's Covenant Love in Scripture

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
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By Scott Hahn, Ph.D


The eloquent teachings of Scott Hahn have moved thousands of Catholic Christians to a more vital expression of their faith. In A Father Who Keeps His Promises, the popular Catholic apologist explores the "covenant love" God reveals to us through die Scriptures, and explains how God patiently reaches out to us-despite our faults and shortcomings-to restore us into relationship with his divine Family.

Join Hahn as he follows the high adventure of God's plan for the ages, beginning with Adam and Eve and continuing down through die generations to the coming of Christ and die birth of the Church. You'll discover how the patient love of die Father revealed in the Bible is the same persistent love he has for you.

"For years Scott Hahn has told audiences about God's covenant love and its implications in their lives, and for years his friends have nagged him to reduce his remarks to writing.... Now we have that book, and now we can see clearly why Hahn affirms that the only tragedy in life is not being a saint."
- Karl Keating, President of Catholic


Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

"Scott Hahn's central idea of covenant and `kinship' (family) proves to be a Rosetta Stone for Scriptural hieroglyphics, and a disarmingly simple one at that. Once you have glanced through this `lens,' you will never see the big picture of salvation history in the same way again...."

"I know of no more authentically Biblical, more reliably Catholic, or more exciting theologian in the world today than Scott Hahn."
- Peter Kreeft, 


Table of Contents:

Kinship by Covenant - The Master Plan for God's Family in Scripture
Creation Covenant and Cosmic Temple - God's Habitat for Humanity
Splitting the Adam - From Creation to Desecration
Shape Up or Ship Out - A Broken Covenant Renewed with Noah
How Do You Spell Belief? - The Faith of Father Abraham
"The Elder Shall Serve the Younger" - Firstborn Failures and Family Feuds
"Let My People Go" - Israel's Exodus from Egypt
Israel's Calf-Hearted Response - The Mosaic Covenant at Mount Sinai
Beloved Backsliders - Israel in the Wilderness
"Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve" - From Conquest to Kingdom
"Thou Art Man!" - From Kingdom to Exile
"It is Finished!" - The Son Fulfills the Father's Promises
Here Comes the Bride - The Son Rises Over the New Jerusalem


Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. God's Covenant Love in Scripture

Scott Hahn’s A Father Who Keeps His Promises is a good introduction to Covenant Theology. For anyone familiar with the popular “Bible Timeline” series by Jeff Cavins, or the earlier “Our Father’s Plan”, Hahn’s book will sound very familiar. A Father Who Keeps His Promises goes through each of the six main covenants in Sacred Scripture: God’s covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus. The goal is to paint the “big picture” of salvation history as recorded in the Sacred Scriptures. Hahn hits the main characters and main events that “tell the story” of salvation so the reader can see a cohesive whole instead of a scattered and confusing book that seems to jump all over the place.

Hahn’s book is a simple introduction, written in very easy to understand language–very ca Full Review...


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