Edmund Campion: The Hero of God's Underground - A Vision Book - by Harold Gardiner, S.J.

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Edmund Campion


Harold Gardiner, S.J.

Vision Books

From the famous Vision Books series of lives of saints for young people, this is the inspiring dramatic account of the colorful and courageous life and death of the martyr, St. Edmund Campion, ``hero of God's underground" during the persecutions of the Catholics in England in the 1500s.

Campion, the most celebrated young scholar of his day, was on his way to becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury until a crisis of conscience turned him back to his Catholic faith. He fled England, became a Jesuit priest, and was sent back to be the leader of the underground ministry to the persecuted Catholics until, after a long and frustrated search, the government finally captured him and brutally executed him. His daring and brilliant underground ministry to Catholics all over England, his zeal for the faith, and his great courage and joy in the face of martyrdom are all related in this compelling story for youth.


Sewn Softcover

Cover art by Chris Pelicano

Review Provided By TiberRiver.com - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A champion of the faith to inspire young Catholics

The saints of the Catholic Church offer us all spectacular examples of courage, faithfulness and love in the face of persecution, cruelty and death. Edmund Campion was an English priest who, in the face of the terrible dangers of Elizabeth I's rule, ministered to, taught and encouraged English Catholics to persevere in their faith. Turning his back on great honors in the Anglican Church, he pursued the truth, entered the Catholic Church and received ordination to the priesthood in the Society of Jesus. Because of his articulate writings to English Catholics, he became a prize quarry for Elizabeth's "bloodhounds."
Despite the fact that he was hunted and pursued at every turn, he continued to serve his beloved English people until he was eventually captured, tortured and sentenced to the gruesome death of hanging, drawing and quartering.  To the very end, Saint Edmund remained cheerful, loving and charitable. Far from deterring other Eng Full Review...

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