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Eclipse of the Sun - By Michael O'Brien

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Eclipse of the Sun by Michael D. O'Brien

In this fast-paced, reflective novel, (the second in a trilogy following Strangers and Sojourners and part of the Children of the Last Days series) Michael O'Brien presents the dramatic tale of a family that finds itself in the path of a totalitarian government. Set in the near future, the story describes the rise of a police state in North America in which every level of society is infected with propaganda, confusion and disinformation. Few people are equipped to recognize what is happening because the culture of the Western world has been deformed by a widespread undermining of moral absolutes.

Against this background, the Delaney family of Swiftcreek, British Columbia, is struck a severe blow when the father of the family, the editor of a small newspaper which dares to speak the truth, is arrested by the dreaded Office of Internal Security. His older children flee into the forest of the northern interior, accompanied by their great-grandfather and an elderly priest, Father Andrei. Their little brother Arrow also becomes a fugitive as the government seeks to remove any witnesses, and eradicate all evidence of its ultimate goals.

As O'Brien draws together the several strands of the story into a frightening yet moving climax, he explores the heart of growing darkness in North America, examining events which have already occurred. The reader will take away from this disturbing book a number of urgent questions: Are we living in the decisive moment of history? How dire is our situation? Do we live in pessimistic dread, or a Christian realism founded on hope? This is a tale about the victory of the weak over the powerful, courage over terror, good over evil, and, above all, the triumph of love.

"The horrors in O'Brien's novel are frightening not merely because of his suspense-charged, page-turning apocalyptic plot, but because the instruments of coersion he describes are already largely in place. Interweaving moments of profound consolation and ultimate spiritual hope, as in his scintillating Father Elijah, O'Brien is revealed as a novelist of penetrating spiritual insight and prophetic clarity."
- David Lyle Jeffrey, Author, People of the Book

"The sweet, lyrical and faithful voice of Michael O'Brien is perhaps the truest and finest in contemporary fiction. I searched for a very long time before finding a novel as vital as Father Elijah. I thought that such an achievement could not be repeated. It has with Eclipse of the Sun."
- Michael Coren, Author, Columnist, Radio Host

Michael O'Brien, author, editor and artist, has written several books including the best-selling novels, Father Elijah and Strangers and Sojourners. O'Brien writes and lectures widely on the topic of faith and culture. His articles have appeared in numerous journals.

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 4 stars overall. Look at modern society through a possible apocalyptic tale.

In a Nutshell: In Eclipse of the Sun, Michael O'Brien raises vital questions concerning the state of modern society by drawing out its principles in a very possible apocalyptic tale. In the final year of the twentieth century, the citizens of the West have completely handed personal freedom over to government controls without even noticing it. Global powers maintain the illusion of democracy, while crushing those elements of society that would resist the strangely religious new world order they plan to unveil. Nuns are slaughtered, journalists are silenced, citizens are abducted, and the media manipulates it all to further the seemingly philanthropic ends of mysterious dark powers. Eclipse of the Sun is not always as gripping as the apocalyptic plot suggests, and the reader should expect to encounter drier as well as more suspenseful reading.

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