Citadel Of God: A Novel About St. Benedict - by Louis de Wohl

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Louis de Wohl

Another of the popular historical novels by the distinguished de Wohl, telling the dramatic story of St. Benedict, the father of Western monasticism, who played such a major role in the Christianization and civilization of post-Roman Europe in the sixth century. De Wohl weaves an intricate tapestry of love, violence and piety to recount with historical accuracy the story of St. Benedict and the tempestuous era in which he lived.

Since there are no contemporary biographies of this major saint of history and the Church, de Wohl's inspired account is of significant importance on the subject of saint's lives for today's spiritual seekers. Having lived in an era of great immorality and vice, not unlike our world today, Benedict's story has a strong message for modern Christians who seek, as he did, to turn away from the wickedness of the world to find Christ in prayer, study and solitude.

Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. A great read for young and old alike

The Roman Empire in the West has collapsed and Italy is under the government of the Gothic king, Theoderich. Though a barbarian, Theoderich's generally mild rule has led to security and prosperity In Italy. But some among the younger generation of the Roman aristocracy are chaffing under the barbarian yoke. Rusticiana, young wife of the Senator Boethius, favors action and her rash words are taken literally by a boy, Peter, who makes a clumsy assassination attempt against the king. Injured in body and spirit as a result of his failure, Peter nurses a grudge against the Goths to be paid at a later date. Until then, he is entrusted to the gifted young teacher, Benedictus, to see to his education.

Thus begins Louis de Wohl's epic tale, Citadel of God. Originally written in 1959, the novel is a gripping journey through the early 6th century AD. In it, de Wohl brings to life m Full Review...

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