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The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn

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In his first book, The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism, well-known blogger David J. Hartline let readers in on the good things happening within the Catholic Church that often go unnoticed. As always, he infused his reporting with the keen, insightful analysis that has made his reputation. The result? Thousands of readers became aware of these good things and walked away with a much needed sense of hope.

In The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn. Hartline again turns his gaze to subsequent trends within Catholicism and the secular world, helping us make sense of both. As he did in The Tide is Turning, he shines a magnifying lens on our times as no one else can. This book will give readers a better understanding of the very dark and sometimes threatening clouds hovering above us today. However, readers will also discover the many amazingly bright rays of hope and the many positive things happening within the Church. Better yet, they will learn how these developments are our best chance at building a better tomorrow for us all.

For anyone who wants a compelling, easy-to-read assessment of Catholicism’s today and her likely tomorrow, The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn will offer that and much, much more..

David Hartline occasional writings on the present life of the Church have borne fruit in this book. He makes a good case that the present time’s spiritual struggle will set the stage for a stronger Church.
Fr. George Rutler, host of EWTN’s “Christ in the City.”

David Hartline’s upbeat and positive message is a great encouragement. His straightforward presentation of the good things happening within Catholicism calls us to action inspired by the virtue of hope, trusting in God’s providence for His Church.
—Fr. Tim Finigan, founder of the UK’s most popular blog, The Hermeneutic of Continuity.

The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn will bring hope to all who read it.
— Actress Karyme Lozano (For Greater Glory), star of the big and small screens in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world.


Behind the Counter Catholic Radio Show Interview with Dave Hartline

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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 3 stars overall. Riding the Crest of Hope

David Hartline chronicles many signs of hope in the Church over recent years in The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn, with a particular focus on developments from the time of Pope Benedict XVI’s election until the present. It’s a birds-eye view that ranges over a wide terrain: the growth of faithful colleges, the Church’s purification by way of the sexual abuse scandal, the Pope’s trips to the US and Britain, the growing number of converts, and more. The accumulation of evidences for hope in a single volume makes it a worthwhile read. In an age of widespread cynicism in the media — even in Catholic media, at times — it’s refreshing to read a book that accentuates Full Review...

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