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Catholic Morality - Sin, Virtue, Conscience, Duties to God, Neighbor, Etc.

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Every Catholic needs a good grounding in the principles of Catholic morality. And the Catholic Church has always enunciated a clear, traditional set of moral principles, which are based upon reason and the teachings of Christ and which bring us the moral norms of Scripture and Tradition in a clear and organized manner. In Catholic Morality (first published in 1928), Fr. Laux has done an excellent job of explaining the basic elements of Catholic moral teaching. Here, as in all his books, his remarkable talent for presenting a wealth of information briefly, simply, clearly, and with great interest comes through on every page. Covering both General Moral (Morality) and Special Moral, Fr. Laux first sets forth the basic Catholic principles on law, conscience, the virtues, the religious state, sin, temptation, punishment, etc. and then con-tinues with our duties to God, self and neighbor and as members of the family, the state and the Church. In the process he discusses scores of fascinating topics, ever focusing on the central, most important points of every matter. He covers such things as doubts against the Faith, conflicts between laws, chastity and sins of impurity, spiritism, rules of charity, private property, lies and mental reservation, prayer, love and fear, temptations, the four Cardinal Virtues, the Three Theological Virtues, etc. Often a single sentence or paragraph from this book will answer a question or settle a doubt which a person may have had for a long time.


Only a person who really knows the moral requirements God has imposed upon man can possibly hope to live up to them, and only such a person can be considered serious about his eternal salvation. Anyone who becomes familiar with Fr. Laux's Catholic Morality will have an excellent knowledge of Catholic moral princi-ples, which knowledge will give him an intelligent understanding of his duties in life and will enable him to live in accordance with God's holy law for man-which in turn will enable him to save his immortal soul.


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Review Provided By - THE Catholic Book Review Site

This item received 5 stars overall. An excellent teaching tool for adult and teenager alike.

A high school textbook, Catholic Morality is the third volume in A Course in Religion.  It is a comprehensive look at what morality means to the Catholic and how he is to apply it to his life. 
It is divided into two sections.  The first discusses the conditions of morality, moral good, and moral evil.  This section was instrumental in understanding the second in that it introduces how one goes about reasoning what is moral and what isn't in light of Scripture and Church teaching.  I found myself after reading this chapter better able to make personal decisions in my daily life. 
The second section goes into particulars, discussing our duties to God, ourselves, our neighbors, and as members of our family, the state, and the Church.  I learned a lot in this section since things that Full Review...


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