Children's Mass Missals

Blessed Trinity MissalSt. Joseph Children's MissalChildren's Mass missals are a wonderful way to help your kids participate at Mass. These Mass books are just the gift for First Communion.

If you want a missal that contains the new translation of the Mass, we recommend the Blessed Trinity Missal. This missal is available in either black or white and contains the full Mass text as well as descriptions of the parts of the Mass.

If you attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (1962 missal), there are several options for you. The St. Joseph Children's Missal follows the Mass and has summaries of the Sunday readings but doesn't contain the complete Mass texts. This missal is available in either black or white.

Whichever missal you choose for your child, whether as a First Communion gift or otherwise, it will help your child pay better attention during Mass and have a better understanding about what is being done.

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