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Browse this category to find lapel pins in all styles. We carry specifically Catholic pins like the Monstrance pins as well as general Christian pins. Choose from Holy Spirit pins, angel lapel pins, birth-stone pins and many more.

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April Guardian Angel Pin

Item Number: 5858

Price: $3.83

August Guardian Angel Pin

Item Number: 5862

Price: $3.83

Catechist Pin

Item Number: 17190

Price: $4.50

Chaplain Pin

Item Number: 96440

Price: $4.75

Choir Lapel Pin

Item Number: 12478

Price: $4.75

Cross Confirmation Lapel Pin

Item Number: 12528

Price: $4.75

De Colores Pin

Item Number: 96439

Price: $4.75

Deacon's Lapel Pin

Item Number: 12172

Price: $6.25

Deacon's Wife Lapel Pin

Item Number: 21121

Price: $4.75

December Guardian Angel Pin

Item Number: 6172

Price: $3.83

Descending Dove Lapel Pin

Item Number: 97258

Price: $4.75

Displaying 1-12 of 78 items.

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Gold Plated Miraculous Medal Baby Pin
15/16in. X 5/8in., baby pin
Price: $29.25
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