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As consumers, we have the ability to make our purchases count for something or support a cause bigger than ourselves. As Catholics, we have the moral obligation to do our best to support the right causes with our purchases. When you buy Mystic Monk Coffee, you not only get only get rich, delicious coffee, you also support a Carmelite monastery in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. This coffee, roasted to perfection by the monks in a cloistered community, will delight even the most discriminating palette. With several smooth and aromatic varieties, there is something to suit every taste.


All Catholic monasteries must work to somehow sustain themselves. Most create and sell gifts to maintain their monastic community; these Carmelite monks support their monastery by providing the world with a fine cup of coffee. Labor is part of the monks’ daily lives: after rising each day just after 4 a.m. the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming spend their days in prayer, contemplation, and laboring to earn their bread – including the careful and even roasting of finest coffee beans. You can help to support them with your purchase of this simply exquisite coffee.


The ideal way to enjoy the rich flavor of these incredible coffees is to grind the beans just before brewing a pot of coffee. For this reason, your bag of Mystic Monk coffee will be filled with whole beans – only the best blends of beans and roasted and packaged to arrive to you as fresh as possible. The Breakfast Blend is a cheerful blend of the finest South American coffee beans, perfect to wake up your taste buds and get your day started. Or if you prefer a nutty taste, there is the classic Hazelnut and the intoxicating Royal Rum Pecan. If you prefer a very dark roast, the Espresso Blend is for you. The great thing about buying these whole beans is that you can grind them at home as coarse or as fine as you want, to use in either an espresso machine or a standard drip coffeemaker. Classic favorites like the Mystic Monk House Blend and French Vanilla are also available. Love the taste of coffee but not caffeine? Or want an after dinner coffee that won’t keep you up late? Try the Decaf Colombian blend – all the great flavor without all the caffeine of regular coffee! We at Aquinas and More are all hooked and each have our own favorite flavors. Which delightful blend will become your favorite?


And for the ultimate coffee-fan, we now carry Mystic Monk T-Shirts! These cream colored shirts are made of soft, quality cotton and are just one more way to can help to support this fantastic group of Carmelite monks.


Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year and coffee accounts for 75% of the world’s caffeine consumption. Don’t you want to help the Carmelite monks of Wyoming to support their monastery and new vocations when you drink your share?


And if you need something to drink all your favorite Mystic Monk coffees in, check out Aquinas and More’s line of ceramic, U.S.-made mugs. With over 70 Catholic cups and mugs available, you’re sure to find something perfect! At the work place, your morning coffee can become a conversation starter and an evangelization tool with beautiful art and inspirational words.


Some of the mugs are imprinted with an insightful quote from a beloved saint, such as a St. Francis of Assisi by Cimabue mug, bearing a timeless instruction of the holy man: “Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.” Others simply carry a beautiful and meaningful image, like the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart mug or the unique Papa Ben/Extreme Papa mug, which has pictures of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II. Many more pair a favorite Catholic image with a well-loved prayer. Make your morning coffee break a prayer break too, by taking a few moments to pray as you enjoy your coffee.


Pairing an inspirational mug with a bag of finely roasted coffee beans would also make a great Christmas gift! Browse all of our mugs here and view all of our Mystic Monk products here to pick the blend that will become your new favorite coffee.

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