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About the American West Fine Handcrafted Leather Bible Covers

Have you had trouble finding a high quality bible cover to protect and carry your favorite bible? Aquinas and More is now excited to share with you our new line of genuine leather bible covers. These are not your typical bible cases; these stunning covers are hand tooled and feature amazing design and detail. Need the perfect inspirational gift for a loved one who already has a treasured bible? A genuine 100% leather case to carry and protect it!

Incredible Design

The impeccable designs of these bible covers are superior to what you will find at a discount store. They are creative and unique, while at the same time exuding an air of class. American West has been producing quality leather products since 1986, elegant leather goods fashioned to capture the beauty and spirit of true West. These are especially beautiful bible cases, superior leather adorned with simple yet refined crosses. The style is perfect – inspirational but not over the top. With designs for both men and women, there is something to please everyone.
There is nothing boring about the standard American West slip-on leather covers. With a line of six slip-on covers, you are sure to find a design that fits your taste. Soft cowhide, edged with traditional tanned leather and featuring a studded tanned leather cross creates a rustic look, available in either mahogany or brown leather. Women will love the zip-around tote style bible cases, accented with metallic studs and a lovely, small cross pattern. The tote even has front and back pockets, a cell phone pouch and loops to hold pens – perfect if you are heading a bible study and want to jot down notes! The tote is available in four colors. Even the leather on every bible cover is finely detailed with a beautiful subtle pattern. View the entire line of American West bible covers by clicking here.

Hand Crafted, High Quality, Genuine Leather

Aquinas and More is especially excited to carry these bible covers because they are true works of art, each and every one is fashioned by hand by craftsmen from the Guarani Indian tribe. As you may be aware, we do not carry Chinese-made products. Unfortunately, many bible covers are imported from China, and finding high quality, beautiful bible cases made elsewhere can be difficult. Not anymore. When you purchase one of these gorgeous covers, you know you are not supporting the persecution of Christians in China. Instead, you will get a fine, hand tooled leather product. The amazing designs and patterns in the leather are made by human hands striking with mallets and other tools, not a machine die press. Since each bible case is individually crafted by a skilled artisan, each bible cover will be slightly different from the last – a true mark of handcrafted leather.

Unprecedented Guarantee

American West is so confident in the quality of these products that each cover is covered by a lifetime guarantee. All of their leather items are guaranteed against workmanship and/or structural defects for the life of the product. American West reserves the right to exclude any damage caused by negligence and/or normal wear and tear. All guarantees are extended to the original owner only.

Care and Cleaning of Your Bible Cover

Leather : Please remember, leather is a natural product. Colors and textures may change with use. Like your own delicate skin, your leather accessory will benefit from regular cleaning and conditioning. Please test any cleaning and conditioning product in an inconspicuous area first to test the color changes that may occur to natural leathers.
Cleaning suggestions : You may use leather cleaner (found at local leather/shoe repair shops) to wipe away dust and debris.
Conditioning Suggestions : You may use a leather lotion (found at any local leather/shoe repair shops), apply liberally with a soft cloth, let dry and gently buff with a clean soft cloth.
Some marks may be removed from natural leather bags by using a diluted solution of lemon juice.

Please note that many types of stains and marks are untreatable. This includes, but is not limited to, stains caused by: ink, cosmetics, food stains, oils, body / hand moisturizers, hand sanitizing cleansers or perfumes. However, many oil-based marks will disappear with time as the leather uses the oils as moisturizer.

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