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The Navarre Study Bible

What is the Navarre Bible?

The English edition of the Navarre Bible is the Catholic Bible (Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition), bound together with the text of the Latin Vulgate Bible and extensive commentary on Biblical passages. It is considered an excellent, thorough, superior study Bible. The Navarre Bible project was initiated by Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei and prepared by the faculty at the University of Navarre. The commentaries, composed by the editors at Navarre, draw on sources such as historical Church documents and the writings of Doctors of the Church and other holy people. The commentary is not overly technical, and so it can be read and appreciated by both Biblical scholars and the average Catholic.

Each volume of the series contains either the text and commentary for one book of the Bible or else the text and commentary on a few related books. For example, the Gospel of Matthew is assigned its own volume, while the Wisdom books of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Wisdom are contained in one volume. For each Biblical book, an introduction discussing authorship, canonicity, purpose, content and style provides the reader with background to help with context for delving into scripture. As for the Biblical text itself, the top portion of each page contains the Sacred Scripture while the bottom portion (approximately half a page) contains detailed commentary and explanation of the Scripture.


What is the Navarre Bible Used For?

The Navarre Bible is a great resource for Bible study. With the detailed commentary notes, it can stand alone as a tool to grow in knowledge and understanding of Scripture. Alone, or in a group, one read the Bible and then the included notes to gain insight on the meaning of the text. The background information included in the commentaries would make this Bible a good resource for beginners to the prayerful reading practice of Lectio Divina. It can also be used in connection with Bible study guides and programs. As one reflects on thoughts and questions posed in a Bible study program, the concise yet informative notes provide some background information on how the Church Fathers, Doctors, and other saints interpreted the Scripture. It can even be used to promote reading and learning the Bible as a family by together reading Scripture verses and the corresponding commentary.


Navarre Bible New Testament

Traditionally, the Navarre Bible has been published in separate volumes; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and Revelations, as well as various volumes of Letters. All of Paul’s Letters are available in one volume, or you can purchase them separately, one volume for Hebrews, one volume of Romans and Galatians, Corinthians, etc.

The Navarre Bible New Testament is also available in a single volume. There are two options for a single volume New Testament. The Compact Edition is smaller in size, as the name suggests. It does not have the Vulgate text of the Bible and the freshly edited and updated commentary is not as lengthy or thorough as in the separate volumes.

There is, however, a newly published larger sized one-volume New Testament available. The larger size means that there is room to include more exhaustive and detailed commentary than in the compact edition. This new edition does include the Vulgate text.


Navarre Bible Old Testament

Like the New Testament, the Navarre Bible Old Testament is sold in separate volumes. There are seven altogether:

Wisdom, Chronicles to Maccabees, Major Prophets, Joshua to Kings, Psalms and the Song of Solomon, Minor Prophets, and The Pentateuch.

Due to the length of the Old Testament, there is currently no one-volume edition or compact version of the Navarre Old Testament. However, all books may be purchased together in one seven-volume set. Currently the Old Testament is available only in hardcover.

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