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A couple of weeks ago we announced our Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest in celebration of Danielle Bean's and Elizabeth Foss's new book. We've already received some great entries. We'll keep adding new entries to this post.

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#37 From Stella:

Small Steps photo contest entry 37Here is a picture of my son Liam’s feet at 7 months old.  
He is my sparkle boy, as happy as he can be and always a ready smile.

From Stella, Mom of 3 with one on the way.






#36 From Karen:

Small Steps photo contest entry 36I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my youngest daughter's sand encrusted feet last summer. I particularly love how it looks like her right foot is waving to the camera in this picture, not to mention it gave us a peek at her pretty pink toenails. 







#35 From Katie:

Small Steps photo contest entry 35Here's a picture of our three little girls, Amanda 2.5, Christiana 9 months, and Talitha 2 months.  Amanda was adopted in August of 2007, Christiana was adopted in July of 2009 shortly after we found out we were expecting a baby six years after my husband's vasectomy reversal.  Doesn't it look a little like neopolitan ice cream?





#34 From Jen:

Small Steps photo contest entry 34This is a picture of my baby Collin's feet at one day old! We were still in the hospital when we took it!

















#33 From Denise:

Small Steps photo contest entry 33The is my third daughter Clare on her baptism day.  The caption is "May she always walk with Christ"

















#32 From Melisa:

Small Steps photo contest entry 32I Took this picture of my kid's feet ages 5, 3, 1, and 3 months old and used it as the cover of a calender I made for the grandmothers for Mother's Day. With the caption, this past year our family has grown by 2 feet!





#31 From Ellen:

Small Steps photo contest entry 31My daughter had just turned one a month before I took this picture.  I couldn't resist her cute "piggies" in the sunlight and it was only after I had snapped the shot that I realized she was crawling over a book turned to a page with piggies.  She and her brother are a source of constant joy for my husband and me, and we look forward to welcoming another baby into our family any day now--with more adorable little feet to kiss and take pictures of!





#30 From Diane:

Small steps photo contest entry 30Noah Joseph taking a nap on his Baptismal day, and his 6 week old foot peeking out of his christening blanket. (:









#29 From Lori:

Small Steps photo contest entry 29These little feet belong to our long awaited miracle- our precious adopted baby boy, Ethan!  As a new mother, I couldn't wait to go out and buy him cute little running shoes.  :)








#28 From Maria:

Small Steps photo contest entry 28Here is a photo of my sweet Michael Joseph's feet just shy of a month old.

What an amazing blessing from heaven he is. I am reminded of our Fathers's infinite love every time I look at him!







#27 From Susan:

Small Steps photo contest entry 27Baby #6 was sleeping on my sheepskin rug for this photo-shoot at 2 months.  She is the light of our lives!







#26 From Maureen:

Small Steps photo contest entry 26This is a shot of our 3 little ones, 3 1/2, 2 1/2 and 6 months.  The toes are a little dirty and not all the feet are in perfect focus but that's life in our house - lots of time outside in the dirt and only still when fully asleep.  We're so thankful to have been blessed with these little feet.







#25 From Jennifer:

Small Steps photo contest entry 25This is Bridget. At nearly 1, she’s suddenly more difficult to keep up with. Here she’s getting up once again to journey across the room – no longer content to just crawl.







#24 From Peggy:

Small Steps photo contest entry 24This is our little Blaise Andrew, at about 2 mos. old.  I tried to get a picture of his cute feet the day after he was born.  (He was a week 'late', and had such wrinkly little feet). Alas, I couldn't figure out how to get such a focused picture with our camera!  So I snuck in when he was sleeping to take this shot.







#23 From Joann:

Small Steps photo contest entry 23I love these pictures I took  last summer at a nearby state park.  The kids were playing at the base of a waterfall.  We had stopped on the way home from church and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together.



#22 From Lisa:

Small Steps photo contest entry 22My daughter is our miracle.  After years of infertility and lots of tears and prayers, We were blessed with this beautiful child.

While she is no longer a 'baby' in the true sense of the word, she will always be *my* baby.

She attends and loves the local Catholic school and is just finishing first grade.  She enjoys playing and dancing and also relaxing!  Here she is chilling out in our yard on a lazy Spring day =)




#21 From Mary Beth:

Small Steps photo contest entry 21I took this picture shortly after our youngest son’s baptism.  The white baptismal gown, the rings from our wedding, and those kissable toes!  All the things I love most about being a Catholic Mom:  the grace of the sacraments, my husband, and…those kissable toes!

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the other little feet!






#20 From Kathleen:

Small Steps photo contest entry 20I just love watching my husband interact with my 14-month-old son, Isaiah Martin!  He is such a great dad and will be a positive role model in Isaiah's life as he grows up.  Here is a picture I snapped of the two of them on the playground slide one evening.  Isaiah's got some big shoes to fill!  :)









#19 From Julie:

Small Steps photo contest entry 19I am attaching a photo of my 2yr old son’s feet.  I had to chase him down the beach to get this shot.  He is so fast, but FUN!!














#18 From Blair:

Small Steps photo contest entry 18Here are the feet I chase all day, which belong to my little Steven Joseph.  At age 2, he is becoming so independent!  He insists on going sock-less and putting his shoes on by himself, which usually end up on the wrong feet as you can see in this picture.  I love his scratched up legs, and imagining him running around with his baseball in this grassy field while his sisters are at swim practice.  What a joy little toddler feet are!





#17 From Stephanie:

Small steps photo contest entry 17Here is a photo of my daughter's foot. My older daughter took this photo. Her caption is " A new path to direct..."







#16 From Gretchen:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contestThese are my little boy Simon's toes. He is 3 years old in this picture and will be my forever baby as he is very handicapped.  These toes are as kissable as he is!

#15 From Elizabeth:
Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contestI took this picture three weeks ago when our seventh child, Evangeline Therese, was eight hours old.  It was just the two of us in our hospital room and I was thoroughly enjoying examining every bit of her, this little mystery revealed.  Each time one of our children is born, I'm amazed at God's endless imagination, shown in all the unique details of this tiny new person.
#14 From Lisa:
Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contestThis was my 9th baby,  Mark Benedict,  in his midmorning spot  - laying on my lap nursing while I was blogging!

#13 From Lori:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 13Our third child and fourth boy tries desperately to keep up with his sisters... yet he is constantly distracted by the wonders of the world.  These irresistible puddles were no exception! ( mother of 3 with 1 on the way)
















#12 From Ruth:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 12This is my baby Maria's little feet doing what she likes best- playing in the back yard in one of her pretty dresses :-)








#11 From Kelly:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 11This is my photo entry of my child's feet.  I hope I'm a consideration even though technically it's not showing his "tootsies".  I snapped this photo sitting on the driveway one day because I always wanted to remember these 18 mo old legs.  The chubby 8 in legs, the one sock up ~ one sock down look, the classic skinned knee and the double velcro sneaks that all kids sport in the beginning.  

Thanks for letting me share!

Peace & joy :)


#10 From Linda:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 10Attached is a picture of our 3 year old's feet, Clare Therese Meyer. She is swinging and enjoying the sheer joy of swinging and being barefoot on a warm spring day, soaking up the sun.














#9 From Emily:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 9Here is a picture of baby Matthew Karol's foot held between his daddy's hand in the NICU before going home to God. Matthew's precious photos will always be with us. Thank you for hosting this  contest.







#8 From Kylene:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 8This is of my daughters previous favorite shoes.  Doesn't every little girl love ruby red slippers.  She had them in 2 consecutive sizes and wore them with EVERYTHING, especially pink!






#7 From Carolyn:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 7Spring has sprung.









#6 From Kira:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 6Jimmy and his shadow on the playground. . . .

I am attaching a photograph of my two and a half year old Jimmy's feet.  I took this on a warm March day at the playground.  Last year, Jimmy needed my or my husband's help when climbing on the playground equipment.  This year, he scales the ladders with no fear and runs across the bridges with such confidence.  I took this photo because I was touched by this, both proud of his accomplishment and saddened by his sudden step into the world of being a 'big boy.'

Good luck with this contest. Can't wait to see more cute feet photos!


#5 From Jill:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 5My 10-month old was climbing on my 4-year old's back for a piggy back ride and I got this picture of their feet as they played.  He loves to play with his big brother and wants to be just like him.  I hope they are always close friends as they are now - that one is always ready to carry the other if he needs it! 





#4 From Nicole:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 4These are a photo of my son's feet when he was 11 days old. It was the morning of his open heart surgery and I took a photo of his feet since they were one of the few parts of his body that was free of wires, tape, and other medical devices. He's my miracle!














#3 From Candice:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 3Small, Chubby, Sandy Baby Feet, um, Steps for Catholic Moms








#2 From Emily:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 2Here is my favorite picture (or two) of baby feet.  These are Micah's feet--taken Labor Day weekend 2005--right after he turned one.  We were all on the beach on a gray day, and we looked up to see him crawling off at top speed into the forbidden sea-grass zone where turtle nests were being protected.  I snapped a few pictures before snatching him up.  :-)

What a fun contest idea! 





#1 From Kellie:

Small Steps for Catholic Moms photo contest entry 1Our (almost 2-year-old) daughter, Abigail, refuses to wear socks, so I love sneaking up behind her while she snacks or colors at the dining room table, and tickling her toes. 

I had taken this picture a week or so ago and it made me smile, so I was excited to see what the contest entailed :)

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