Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire


Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire –
The Encounter that Changed Her Life and How It Can Transform Your Own.
This fall, Aquinas and More is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of the new book, Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire – The Encounter that changed Her Life and How it Can Transform Your own. This important new book was written at Mother Teresa’s request, by her friend and the co-founder of her priests’ community, theMissionaries of Charity Fathers, Joseph Langford. Father Langford’s initial encounter with Mother Teresa of Calcutta was also through a book as he studied in Rome. What he gained from Teresa before ever meeting her face to face convinced the author that people the world over will have the ability to meet the power and beauty of Mother Teresa’s message through the printed word, even if they did not have the opportunity to personally know and work with her as he had.
The power of Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire is two-fold. On one hand, it allows greater insight into the life of one of the great, selfless and inspiring heroic souls of our time. In addition to being informative, this encounter with Mother Teresa will help you to see and understand what Mother Teresa herself considered the heart of her life’s message and offers the insight and instruction to carry that message into one’s own life and actions.
It was in 1984 that Fr. Langford asked Mother Teresa about her inspiration, and that she finished her reply to him with “and one day you must tell the others….” The message she received from God was not specific to her work in India; there was no one who could not benefit from hearing what God had to say through Mother Teresa. For this reason, this book is not merely another book about a captivating person doing God’s will. It is a tool for you learn from Mother Teresa, as if she were guiding and speaking to you herself.
We don’t all need to walk and work in the streets of Calcutta as she did in order to implement God’s message into our own lives and do His work. Determined that Mother Teresa’s message would not die with her, Fr. Langford put together this book, as Mother Teresa herself had mandated in 1984, in order that the world would be able to benefit from and live the message God had given to her. Now in the final stages of publishing, this eagerly anticipated book is scheduled to be ready for shipment in mid-October. Preorder now to get your copy as soon as it is available!
And while you are waiting for your copy of Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire, you can also check out our wide selection of Mother Teresa books and resources available now, such as the captivating movie Mother Teresa, starring Olivia Hussey in the title role or Mother Teresa’s own writings in Come Be My Light.
About The Author –
Fr. Joseph Langford was a priest and Oblate of the Virgin Mary when, in 1979, he asked Mother Teresa that priests be able to share in the charisms of the Missionaries of Charity. After much prayer and discernment, the Corpus Christi Movement for Priests was established. Then in 1984, Mother Teresa accepted the group as part of her religious family and on October 13, gave them the name Missionaries of Charity Fathers. Fr. Langford now resides in the mother house of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers in Tijuana, Mexico and has conducted retreats throughout the world on Mother Teresa’s spirituality.

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