Madonna del Ghisallo: A Patroness for Cyclists


Madonna del Ghisallo
Patroness of Cyclists

[pronunciation: (Ghee-SAL-low)]

Madonna del GhisalloLegend tells that in the region of Lombardy, Italy Our Lady appeared to a count named Ghisallo who was being attacked by thieves. He was praying for help when he saw the apparition. Count Ghisallo ran to it and was miraculously saved. For centuries Our Lady of Ghisallo was recognized locally as the patroness of travelers.

The Church established Our Lady of Ghisallo as the patroness of cyclists in 1949 at the request an Italian parish priest. It was fitting because the Giro di Lombardia bicycle race went right past the shrine that been built by Count Ghisallo. Today the shrine includes a cycling museum and a memorial to cyclists who have died.

If you are a cyclist or know someone who is, you can purchase a small medal as a reminder of Our Lady's protection.

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