How to Choose a Catholic Missal


Choosing a Catholic Missal

There seem to so many different Catholic missals available; which one is right for you? Not every missal is the same. What is the difference between a daily missal and a weekday missal? If you attend a Latin Mass, which type of Latin missal do you need? Why are some missals thicker than others? This guide will help you to understand the various Catholic missals available so you can select the right missal for you.

Novus Ordo /Post-Vatican II Missals

(Note: Several terms are used to refer to the current Ordinary form of the Mass. Most common are the terms ‘Novus Ordo’ (‘New Ordinary’ in Latin) and Post-Vatican II Liturgy or Mass. These terms are most common because they more clearly differentiate between the Ordinary and Extraordinary (Tridentine) forms. Also note that in the Novus Ordo, Sunday readings have a three-year cycle (A.B,C) while the weekday has a two-year (I,II) cycle)
The New St. Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal (annual) - contains all readings and prayers for the Sunday Masses throughout one calendar year as well as extra Catholic prayers and hymns. An inexpensive paperback missal that must be replaced yearly.
Daily Roman MissalThe Daily Roman Missal comes in a variety of cover styles in both Burgundy and Black. Very complete Novus Ordo (Post Vatican II) missal. Contains the English translation of the daily and Sunday readings, Ordinary of Mass and responses in Latin and English. If you also attend a Novus Ordo Mass in Latin, this is the missal you will want. Also contains prayers and relevant catechism passages. This missal is our personal favorite and is the most attractive of all of the available missals.
If you attend an Ordinary Form Mass with Latin, this is the best missal for you to use to follow along.
St. Joseph Sunday MissalThe St. Joseph Sunday Missal is the oldest missal currently in print and comes in more cover varieties than any other. Thhe complete and permanent or perpetual Sunday missal includes the complete three-year cycle of Sunday readings. It includes all the Mass text from the Roman Missal. Requires a missal guide to locate the correct page for any particular Sunday.
St. Joseph Weekday MissalSt. Joseph Weekday Missal Vol. I and II – Perpetual weekday missals. These two missals together contain all the weekday Masses with their options. The arrangement follows the liturgical year, and Volume I is for weekdays only from Advent to Pentecost for both Year I and Year II. Volume II covers Pentecost to Advent. Does not include Sundays. Also requires the missal guide. The two weekday missals are available along with the Sunday missal (immediately above) in a three volume set.





Gregorian Missal For SundaysGregorian Missal for Sundays – Has the ordinary of the Mass, and various prayers of the Mass in Latin and English and contains all the Gregorian chants for Sundays. Includes text for special Masses (i.e. for the dead, for the pope). This does not have weekday Masses and hasn't been updated with the revised Mass translation.






Vatican II Sunday MissalVatican II Sunday and Weekday Missals – Contains all the readings for Sundays for the three year cycle, as well the Ordinary of the Mass and a treasury of prayers. Perpetual. The calendar with page numbers for the Mass are printed on the inside cover. This missal is now out of print but is being replaced with the Saint Paul Sunday Missal.




Saint Paul Daily MissalThe Saint Paul Missal is Pauline Books and Media replacement for the Vatican II Missal that they previously produced. The new edition is available in Burgundy or Black and comes in both a Sunday and Daily variety.





Magnificat Magazine SubscriptionMagnificat Magazine – A monthly missal “magazine.” that contains all the Masses, and Morning and Night prayers for the entire month. Also contains spiritual readings, hymns and information about the saints. NOT Perpetual, i.e., the November 2011 Magnificat will be different from the November 2012 Magnificat. You can order individual issues of Magnificat or get a Magnificat Subscription.
We also carry Magnifikid! for children and Magnificat en Español.
Word Among Us MagazineWord Among Us – This is another monthly missal magazine. Like the Magnificat, it is NOT perpetual but is used for one month. Contains daily meditations as well as other Catholic articles. It does not have the Morning and night prayers found in the Magnificat.

Tridentine / Pre-Vatican II Missals

(The Extraordinary form of the Mass is commonly called the Tridentine Rite, Mass of Blessed John XXIII, The Old Mass, the 1962 Mass, or Pre-Vatican II Mass. Sometimes it will be called simply the “Latin Mass” but this leads to confusion; as the Novus Ordo Mass may also be said in Latin so the term Latin Mass is not explicit enough)
Roman Catholic Daily Missal1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal – The complete Latin-English Tridentine missal, with readings. A daily missal that is used everyday, Sunday and the weekdays. Includes the 1962 updates, including the Holy Week liturgy.
Baronius Roman MissalBaronius Roman Missal available in Black, White, or Burgundy – Also a complete Latin-English Tridentine missal with readings. A daily missal that is used everyday, Sunday and the weekdays. Includes the 1962 updates, complete with the Holy Week liturgy.
Saint Andrew Daily MissalThe St. Andrew Daily Missal was and still is one of the most popular missals for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. It contains most parts of the Mass in both Latin and English as well as Vespers and information about major feasts.
St. Joseph Daily MissalSaint Joseph Daily 1953 Tridentine Missal – The Tridentine missal from 1953. It contains the ordinary of the Mass in both English and Latin but only has the English translation of the proper (changing) prayers of the Mass. It does not have the 1962 updates or the revised Holy Week Liturgy.


The New Marian MissalNew Marian Missal – a daily missal, for use on both Sundays and weekdays. A reprint of the 1958 edition, it does not contain the 1962 updates.

Sacred Triduum MissalSacred Triduum Missal – Tridentine missal booklet for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday of Holy Week. This missal is out of print.
Latin English Tridentine Booklet MissalLatin-English Tridentine Booklet Missal – Contains all of the Ordinary texts side-by-side in Latin and English for the Sunday Tridentine Mass. Also included are prayers for before and after Mass, Benediction, Confession and the chant for the Missa de Angelis. Does not contain the readings.
Latin - Spanish Tridentine Booklet MissalLatin-Spanish Tridentine Booklet Missal – Same as above, but contains Latin and Spanish side by side, not English.
Latin - English Tridentine Requiem Booklet MissalLatin-English Tridentine Requiem Booklet Missal – Contains Ordinary texts side-by-side in Latin and English for the Tridentine Funeral Mass. Also included are prayers for the dead and the ceremony for the actual burial.
Latin - English Tridentine Wedding MissalLatin-English Tridentine Wedding Booklet Missal – Contains all of the Ordinary texts side-by-side in Latin and English for the Tridentine Wedding (Nuptial) Mass.
Latin - English Sunday MissalLatin-English 1962 Sunday Booklet Missal – Contains the Ordinary of the Mass for Sunday and the full Nuptial and Requiem Masses - does not contain the full set of Sunday readings.
Angelus Press Sunday Missal Booklet – Contains the Ordinary of the High and Low Mass in English and Latin. Also includes the Rite of Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
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