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Supplemental and Curriculum materials for Kolbe Academy, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, and Mother of Divine Grace Academy which are primarily Classics based.  Classics based curricula are those which depend on original sources in translation instead of textbooks and are from the canon of Great Books—or books which form the foundation of Western Civilization.  That would be works from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Europe and the founders of America.

Mother of Divine Grace:
Comprehensive lesson plans for K-12, based on Laura Berquist’s book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.  Specific lesson plans for specific subjects.  Has a very nice Henle Latin syllabus.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy:
We carry the required readings for St. Thomas, again from the Great Books.  These are available in paperback in modern translations.  In addition, we carry the Faith and Life, as well as the Didache religion series which are both accepted.  For high school, Greek Classics, Ancient Rome and Old World Europe provide study guides for the required readings in literature, history and philosophy for the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years.  We will be adding these books in digital form as individual works for download in the coming weeks for those parents who only wish to purchase one guide at a time.  We also carry the Ignatius Critical Editions which are the classics (most of which highlight English writers at this point) which provide the text and literary criticism free of the modernist approach which wants to read feminism and the deconstruction of the culture into previous time periods.

Kolbe Academy:
The readings for Kolbe Academy are almost identical to those required by St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, so our customers can purchase those books from us. Some of the above mentioned study guides for high school were originally published by Kolbe Academy and could still be used by Kolbe Students.

Latina Christiana:
A popular series for Latin study from beginners (Kindergarten) through Henle High School Latin.  This series has workbooks and CDs as well as other supplemental products like flash cards and instructional DVDs.  Also there is Lingua Angelica which has a workbook for learning classical Christian culture such as prayers, literature, poetry and songs.
L.C. has Lingua Biblica which teachers the student to translate the Old Testament.
L.C. also has studies in the Classics which can be used for younger children as well as older students of Greece, Rome and Europe.
L.C. also has copy books for handwriting practice.
L.C. has a very good series on Logic, from beginning to advanced.  Logic is taught in any classical curriculum.  In addition, they offer a course in Rhetoric.

Seton Home Study School:
Seton utilizes some of the more traditional (as opposed to classical) materials like Fr. John Laux's books.  For religious instruction, The Baltimore Catechism is used in addition to Seton's own texts.  For literature, students can get most of the books through us.  We don’t sell Seton’s text books, however.

Other materials:
The history books by Anne Carol, Christ and the Americas and Christ the King, Lord of History, are used by many homeschooling families and fit in nicely with the curriculum programs already mentioned.  They now have a workbook with answer keys which makes them very user friendly.

American Cardinal Readers are reading books for elementary through 8th grade students.  They are reprints by Newman Press from the 30s, 40s and 50s and the level of reading is very challenging from the beginning.  These are also very popular among Catholic homeschoolers.

Religious Education:
Except for Seton, which has its own religious program, most of the homeschool programs give the parents freedom to choose their series.  

Faith and Life from Ignatius is an all time favorite.  It has beautiful illustrations, a text book, student workbook, and answer key.  These are for grades 1-8.

Come and See is a relatively new series for younger children, which is a study on the bible.

The Treasure of my Catholic Faith is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  It has complete lesson plans for grades 1-6.

Didache is a wonderful high school program from Midwest Theological Forum.  Introduction to Catholicism, Understanding the Scriptures, History of the Church and Our Moral Life in Christ are the four books that make up the program.  Each level has a text, student workbook and teacher’s manual with answer keys.  The books are beautifully illustrated and engaging.

From Fr. John Laux we have an alternative high school program which includes Church History, Chief Truths of the Faith, Introduction to the Bible, and Mass and the Sacraments.  

Also recommended for high school students as well as parents is the Beginning Apologetics Series which is designed to help students answer tough questions about the Faith from biblical sources.

We also carry homeschooling resources for parents which help them to understand what Catholic Homeschooling is and how to do it.

In addition, we have a homeschool Mom on staff who has 16 years practical experience in homeschooling her own children who is happy to advise and answer your questions.  She can be reached by calling 866-428-2820.   

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