Holy Water Fonts


Holy Water Fonts

A Brief History of Holy Water Fonts

The use of holy water fonts is a very old tradition in the Catholic Church. The earliest were actually fountains and the Christian faithful would wash their hands and feet in the water before entering the church, likely derived from an older Jewish rite. There is a writing by Paulus Silentiarius from about 590 which describes people keeping water from one such fountain in pitchers in their homes. The use of holy water developed from the 4th through 9th century; the ninth century is when the custom of sprinkling the congregation at Mass with water from a pot began.

Stationary fonts in churches date from the 11th century, and gained popularity throughout the middle ages. Holy water fonts in a church would be attached to columns or walls, or put on top of pedestals. In time, the holy water fonts would appear in private homes; they would usually be smaller than church fonts but mimic them in decorative style and material. Many Catholics today still enjoy the custom of putting holy water fonts in their homes.

Goldscheider Holy Water Fonts

Aquinas and More is proud to offer a selection of beautiful Italian-made holy water fonts from the Goldscheider of Vienna company. Goldscheider originated in 1885 in Austria, and quickly became known for fine statuary. During World War II, the Goldscheider family fled to America. Manufacturing was done in America for a short time, but in the 1950s the company began to import beautiful goods and works or art from Europe.

Today, Goldscheider provides some of the most beautiful fonts and other religious goods due to the skill and talent of some of Italy's top sculptors. The Goldscheider line of holy water fonts is not merely a collection of receptacles to hold holy water; they are exquisite pieces of art that would add spiritual as well as artistic beauty to any home.

This Holy Family font features Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus beautifully formed with fine detail out of white alabaster and would make a superb wedding or housewarming gift. The simple yet elegant alabaster font with a cross design or Crucifix font are ideal for those with more subtle tastes. The inspiring Holy Spirit font would be a great gift for someone who has recently been confirmed, or for anyone. For someone with a special Marian devotion, the Madonna and Child white alabaster font, graceful in its simplicity would be a perfect choice, as would the beautifully hand painted Our Lady of Lourdes font, accented with soft colors and incredible detail.

If you have a special devotion to St. Michael, you may prefer the unique St. Michael the Archangel holy water font in your home. For a holy water font that serves as a visual reminder of Christ's great sacrifice for mankind, there is the antiqued alabaster Crucifixion font - with wonderful accent and detail - or the somber, hand painted Crucifix water font. For a more classic style, we offer an artful antiqued brass crucifixion font, which depicts two angels kneeling at the foot of Our Lord's cross.

If you are looking for an alternative to the typical gift of CDs and gift cards for a loved one in your life, why not give someone a spiritually encouraging gift, such as a holy water font? Or establish - or re-establish - the tradition of keeping a private holy water font in your own home with one of these beautiful Italian pieces. View our entire selection of holy water fonts by clicking here.


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